HR System (HRMS)

Strategy-driven · Shared services · Interconnection Serves decision-making of top management, business operation of all departments, and career advancement of employees.

What is Kingdee HR System

Kingdee HR provides a modern model of enterprise human resources management software (HRMS). The solution helps corporations develop the essential organisational structure and eventually business capabilities through a professional centralised platform, while also providing an employee self-service portal with open-source applications. Facing the challenges of the internet era, the Kingdee HR system is developed to uphold the product concept: “strategy-driven, interconnection, community collaboration, and fostering talent”. By focusing on the needs of human resource management, Kingdee HRMS can bring brand-new experiences to medium-sized and large enterprises.

Internet Style, Support Cloud-Native Deployment

Simple and intuitive interface, role-based business orientation, intuitive application, and good user experience

Work Anywhere at Anytime

Our HRMS integrates with the Mobile Office APP called CloudHub so users can communicate and collaborate anywhere at any time within the company without boundary. It also covers multiple application scenarios, meets the needs of users in different job positions, and supports mobile HR management in the Internet era.

Open Cloud Platform, Integrated Application of Related Systems

Our HR system creates an open ecological chain, an open data service interface for organisational structure, position, employees’ profile, and on-the-job status, and achieves integration with various related systems and applications at a lower cost and shorter time.

Provide a Human Resource Shared Service Platform

Kingdee HRMS system provides a variety of shared services for employees such as personnel inquiry, onboarding and resignation procedures, certificate processing, insurance reimbursement, helping enterprises implement the division of the strategic work and operational work in the HR department.

Kingdee HR Solutions

  • All-Staff Self-Service

  • Human Resource Service Sharing Centre
  • Talent Fostering and Learning Management
  • Performance Management
  • Organisation Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • 組織管理解決方案

  • Features of Kingdee HRMS

    A youthful and social mobile app solution for the new era of HR

    A youthful and social mobile app solution for the new era of HR

    Kingdee HRMS includes a comprehensive self-service mobile app that integrates personnel, attendance, recruitment, performance, pre-onboarding, certificate issuances and contract renewals. It enables all staff to participate in human resource matters and allows individual motivation and greater organisational empowerment. HR departments can devote themselves to more strategic systems, saving time and driving up efficiency.

    “People” as a core, strengthen business process review

    “People” as a core, strengthen business process review

    Shifting position-oriented to people-oriented. “People” is the greatest concern to implement collaborative management and services in multiple business units such as employee relationships, salaries, social insurance, agreements and more. In addition, enterprises are able to standardize their business processes, improve efficiency, and track and monitor business process workflows in real-time, thereby ensuring a reliable and effective remote work implementation.

    Precise and practical e-learning

    Precise and practical e-learning

    Develop an effective way for employees to seek career advancement. The learning courses are pushed out at different stages which cater to individual improvement of all levels of employees. This way, training precisely focuses on individual development based on the job roles and performance so the e-learning system can empower employees, ultimately driving company growth.

    Multi-mode performance appraisal

    Multi-mode performance appraisal

    Developed based on the interpretation of corporate strategic goals and supports companies with a performance index library as well as the implementation of various performance models and evaluations, such as KPI, BSC, OKR, and 360-degree employee evaluation surveys. Kingdee HRMS system helps HR teams objectively evaluate employee performances and combine evaluation results with salaries and a streamlined payroll system to create a healthy and positive corporate culture.

    Payroll system design and management

    Payroll system design and management

    Significantly shorten the cycle of payroll calculation and distribution while quickly generating employee salary analysis reports, increasing company transparency in the context of salaries, social insurance, compensation and benefits, and personal tax calculations. In addition, the HR payroll system is designed to comply with Hong Kong's IRD and MPF regulations and as well accommodate China's social insurance, housing fund, individual income tax, allowance/bonus and more. Results are output in formats that seamlessly connect with the relevant institutions.

    Multi-dimensional analysis reports

    Multi-dimensional analysis reports

    A powerful data visualization engine allows users to switch between data and graphics based on the analysis approach. Simply by dragging and dropping, users can create multi-dimensional perspective charts, thoroughly customize HR management reports and conduct multi-dimensional analysis in real-time.

    Application Blueprint

    Advantages of HRMS

    Convenient User Experience

    Our User-oriented HRMS system ensures a simple and convenient navigation experience for handling different tasks in various scenarios.

    Agile and responsive service system

    Adhere to the business philosophy of "helping customers succeed" and provide customized marketing services and operational services for enterprises

    25 years of profound insight into Chinese enterprise management

    Advanced platform design concept, empowering individuals and activating organizations

    Comprehensive Coverage of Business Scenarios

    Innovative technology, professional HR cloud service for group enterprises, changing as needed

    Success Stories of Kingdee HR System

    Helping Petro China International Enhance Security Overseas

    Owned by PetroChina, PetroChina International Exploration & Development Company (“PetroChina International”) handles PetroChina’s overseas oil and gas exploration and development, refining and chemicals, and pipeline operation businesses. PetroChina currently manages and operates 91 oil and gas projects in 35 countries around the world…

    The practice of HR digital transformation of Moutai

    Employees’ core competence is the core competitiveness of Moutai. The HR Department gives priority to creating a fair and comfortable working environment for the employees. Our HRMS system has improved qualitatively through transformation. We transfer basic and repetitive tasks in recruitment, emolument, and attendance work to the computer so that we can utilize limited time in more valuable and higher-level system construction work and stimulate employees to make contributions to the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise.

    Kingdee and Jebsen team up to increase values for the century-old store

    All employees’ information has been stored in the Kingdee HRMS system which allows us to get insights from system information, so as to find out the factors regarding staff promotion or resignation. Through system analysis, we can improve the turnover situation and promotion opportunities.

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