Invoice Management System Platform

A 360-degree solution that provides invoice, image, electronic accounting management and collaborative services
electronic accounting file management and other comprehensive solutions.

Why Kingdee Billing Management System?

Kingdee Billing Cloud is a technology company that integrates cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, blockchain, and OCR image recognition, to provide enterprises with the leading 360-degree solution for invoice management, image management, and electronic accounting documentation management

  • 助力降本增效
  • 挖掘數據價值
  • 合理規避風險
  • 無紙化免接觸

Help large enterprises realize the leap from ERP to EBC, and reconstruct digital combat effectiveness

Billing Service

One-click merging and splitting, supporting intelligent matching of key information and full invoice types and full tax control invoicing services

Account Receivable Services

Smart Digital Compliance Upgrade - Your Secured, Reliable and Efficient Financial and Tax Assistant

Visual and Electronic Accounting Files

State-of-the-art integrated solution for enterprises to manage tax, billing and visual documentation easily

They chose Kingdee Billing Management System!

State Power Investment Corporation

Create a structured billing system with sorted invoices and images, followed by a seamless transmission to the cloud-shared invoice base. Multiple technological applications are implemented, including diversified collection, OCR identification, full invoice pool management and control, and input invoice deduction processing, to make consolidated finance and tax management possible for SPIC...

ENN Group

We help clients build a highly efficient, standardized, and one-stop smart tax management platform, covering all the essentials of finance and tax: invoice management for purchase and sales items, tax risk prevention and control, tax-related statistics, tax declaration regulation, financial policy interpretation and professional empowerment.

Port of Guangzhou

We help clients construct an integrated system that manages full range of ledger records: business activities, finance, tax, invoices, data and documentation. The automated workflow lowers the cost of using electronic invoices, optimizes productivity within the finance department, supporting the enterprise in leaping forward the next-gen financial digitization.

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