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In the digital era, new technologies are used to integrate channels, suppliers, and other resources to achieve automation and visualisation in all aspects of the supply chain. Innovative supply chain, cloud procurement and other digital solutions are used to streamline processes and create value for businesses.

Supply Chain Challenges

Lack of Assistance among Organisations and Low Efficiency

It is difficult for enterprises to collaborate in purchasing, inventory, sales, and other businesses across multiple companies. The industrial chain entity lacks the empowerment of distributors and coordination when it comes to purchasing and outsourcing, resulting in the low efficiency of the supply chain.

Lack of Assessment of the Source and Big Fluctuations

The source lacks interaction with distributors and customers and also lacks evaluation, which increases the complexity of the back-end and fluctuations at the source; the source lacks a responsibility mechanism, which amplifies fluctuations.

Insufficient Detail, High Inventory

Due to the lack of inventory detail, it is difficult to support priority, estimated warehouse receipt and delivery, multi-location inventory, supplier inventory, consignment and other businesses. This makes inventory management a challenging process without the help of supply chain solutions.

Lack of Coordination in Procurement and High Cost

The lack of coordination in procurement volume, prices, and delivery dates, and high cost in procurement can lead to high corporate costs. It is difficult for companies to find sources, while insufficient optimisation of procurement strategies and non-transparent procurement execution often results in high purchasing cost and uncontrollable quality.

Supply Chain Requirements


Data Insight, intelligent collaboration


Efficient sharing in supply chain network


Digital service for supply chain scenarios


Specialized supply chain transformation

Supply Chain Solution Features

The close integration of modern digital solutions and the supply chain model opens up business flow, information flow, capital flow, logistics and realises the visual management of supply chain, which is visible, perceptible and adjustable in real time. This type of supply chain solution strikes a balance among customised orders, inventory, and sales forecast, establishes a flexible supply chain, transforms the original supply chain-based business model to an ecosystem-based business model, and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the company.

Cross-company collaboration in a corporate group

Cross-company collaboration in a corporate group

Supports cross-company collaboration / centralized procurement / centralized sales / decentralized sales / global inventory and other business models to improve the efficiency of companies' operational collaborations.

Coverage of all sales models

Coverage of all sales models

Supports the management of multiple business models, including traditional wholesale, distribution, online e-commerce sales, offline chain retail sales, direct sales, consignments and service sales

Supplier coordination & cloud procurement platform

Supplier coordination & cloud procurement platform

Ushers in a new generation of supplier collaboration platforms; one that makes use of cloud technology for the online coordination of supplier quotations, procurements, logistics and finances; simplifies the whole process from sourcing to payment; and improves the efficiency of procurements to create more value for companies.

Lean inventory management

Lean inventory management

Supports the detailed management of materials throughout their life cycle and allows the multi-dimensional management of multiple warehouse positions, intelligent monitoring of inventory levels, tracking of batch/serial numbers, management of multiple BOMs, management of barcodes, cost accounting in real time, etc., so as to provide more accurate data for companies and make their decision-making more efficient

Integration of production, supply and marketing

Integration of production, supply and marketing

With supply chain management as its core, our solution links to intelligent production modules, allowing the integration of PLM + MES + ERP production, supply and marketing.

Intelligent forecasting and analysis

Intelligent forecasting and analysis

Provides intelligent early warnings of risks based on business data and digital intelligent services based on big data forecasting models.

Application Blueprint

Connect and Collaborate: Based on the idea of collaborative supply chain management, we are committed to promoting the digital transformation of enterprise supply chains, helping enterprises quickly establish their own global supply chain systems, and connecting customers, distributors, end consumers and upstream suppliers to interconnect the upstream and downstream partners of enterprises, so as to realise industrial chain business collaboration. Intelligent and Flexible: Based on the application of cloud computing and big data, we build network sharing for enterprises, realise intelligent collaboration in all aspects of the supply chain, strike a balance among customized orders, inventory and sales forecast, and make the whole supply chain more flexible and agile.

Customer Success Stories

The Kingdee Cloud platform helps Naixue achieve precise marketing and intelligent control of inventories

To know whether a company truly has a promising future, the key does not lie in the amount of resources it has built up, but in its ability to integrate and upgrade those resources. As the most strategic ERP product in the mobile Internet era, Kingdee Cloud helps Naixue Tea strengthen its market position as it expands.

Florentia Village

By leveraging Kingdee’s information system, we have strengthened our management of suppliers, more rationally utilized shops, and more importantly, obtained data needed for business operations in a timely manner, to serve as a basis for us to make decisions.

Ganten Creating the noble water together with Kingdee Cloud

Using one platform to manage the cost of marketing capital pool, supply chain, manufacturing, and financial data. Synchronizing production inventory and marketing data timely and updating them to the platform simultaneously with consideration of inventory analysis, report management, and marketing data to share information, cooperating among multiple divisions and achieving integrated management of financial business.

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