Kingdee Constellation Cloud - the EBC SaaS Solution for Large-scale Enterprises

Next-generation digital management cloud prepares large-scale enterprises for digitization by enabling their digital adaptability and capacity,
making them resilient and future-proof.

What is Kingdee Constellation Cloud?

Designed specifically for large enterprises, the next-gen digital management cloud, Enterprise Business Capability (EBC), aims to help large enterprises develop reliable digital system upgrades for a resilient and future-proof business model. Kingdee is the go-to solution for Fortune 500 companies. By following the world-class benchmark of billion-worth global enterprises, an innovative company structure can be easily forged.

Leading Technology

Powered by the latest modular PaaS enterprise solution Kingdee Cosmic Cloud with the application of cloud-native, dynamic domain module, multidimensional database engine, AI and RPA technologies, we offer enterprises a robust digital foundation with reliability, intelligence and agility.

Secure and Reliable

Nationally trusted, our proprietary innovative solution owns 1,500+ patents and almost 800 copyrights, and has received 4 national patent awards. We provide secure and reliable digital platform that addresses the major pain points within the software management industry.

Broad Application

140+ applications and features and 500+ applied environments are available to provide full-service SaaS enterprise solution. Kingdee Constellation Cloud covers core scopes within an enterprise by offering Finance Cloud, Tax Cloud, HR cloud, Collaborative Office Cloud, Supply Chain Cloud, Procurement Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud.

Innovative Management

EBC best practice platform helps enterprises strategize their digital leverage, by creating customer-oriented user experience, employee-oriented information exchange channels, partner-oriented eco-system, public facing IoT application, and accessibility of data and smart analyses.

Resilient And Future-proof Response

Through the modular PBC (Packaged Business Capability), it meets the personalized needs of enterprises. At the same time, it can be quickly assembled with legacy systems of large enterprises, helping enterprises to excavate the value of the system and allowing large enterprises to lift heavy weights and respond flexibly in areas such as "personnel, finance, and taxation."

The Go-to Solution for Fortune 500 Companies

Recognized by global Fortune 500 companies such as Huawei, China Merchants Group, Vanke Group, Hesteel Group, and Xiamen C & D. Kingdee Constellation Cloud supports large-scale enterprises in reconstructing, strategizing and leveraging their digital capability.


2021H1 data shows that Kingdee has the highest market share in SaaS ERM (Enterprise Resource Management Cloud Service) markets for large, medium, and small enterprises.

In 2021H1, Kingdee maintained its first place in market share for SaaS EA (Enterprise Application Cloud Service), SaaS ERM (Enterprise Resource Management Cloud Service), and Finance Cloud.

In 2021H1, the public cloud on the application cloud platform ranked number 1.

Winner of the ERP SaaS Customer Satisfaction Award in 2020

aPaaS China market leader in 2021

The only Chinese SaaS company that entered the top five Application Platform Softwares in 2020

Selected by Gartner for the Global High Productivity PaaS Cloud Service Provider Directory and the Human Capital Management Market Guide in 2020.

Help large enterprises realize the leap from ERP to EBC, and reconstruct digital combat effectiveness

HR Cloud

Combine the strengths between Huawei's practical implementation and Kingdee's product infrastructure to create a world-class human resources management platform.

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Finanical Service

Benchmark the world's first-class, create a new world of financial management

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Tax Cloud

Proprietary "software + service" concept designed to support enterprises in developing a highly precise digitized controller system that meets the regulatory compliance, covering full-range tax management services by integrating the ledger records of business activities, finance, tax, invoices, data and documentation.

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Supply Chain

Inter-complementary commerce, smart operation and shared middle office provide enterprises with access to digital transformation from traditional singular business model to next-generation collaborative scale of economy.

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Procurement Cloud

Innovative modular full-scenario smart procurement platform enables highly efficient procurement system with synergy, security and transparency.

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Manufacturing Cloud

Seamless integration of digital technology and lean production help create digitized factories as a pathway to industrial internet. By interconnecting the full-factor supply chain and full value chain, we complete the reshaped value chain for enterprises, driving growth and innovation.

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Marketing Cloud

Global marketing + digitized smart collaborative management solution, converging various business scenarios across e-commerce, retail, and distribution channels.

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Collaborative Cloud

Highly integrated with Kingdee ERP, we provide highly efficient, mobilized and synergetic collaborative management experience.

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Kingdee Constellation Cloud - Business Management Structure

140+ cloud services including financial cloud, HR cloud, tax cloud, procurement cloud, supply chain cloud, and manufacturing cloud are available, supporting large-scale enterprises in their digitization efforts.

Leveraging digital power to build a world-class treasury management system

Kingdee's treasury system has revolutionized the way international trading is conducted, with 115 local and foreign enterprises under the Xiamen International Trade Group successfully adopting our solution. The system has recorded a success rate of over 96% in automatic matching between sales receipts, electronic receipts, and certificates.

Broad application satisfies enterprises' industry-specific and personalized requirements


Kingdee Constellation Cloud is a state-of-the-art digital management cloud service designed specifically for large-scale enterprises. With its cutting-edge technological application and billion-dollar worth features, our solution is committed to assisting enterprises in their digital system upgrades, resilient and future-proof management infrastructure, innovative development, and organizational reconstruction.EBC, co-developed by Gartner and Kingdee, is defined as the fourth-generation of the transformed enterprise management system, following MRP, MRP II, and ERP.It is a modular, autonomous, configurable, and discoverable Packaged Business Capability (PBC) centered on business. EBC turns each business scenario into a granular “building block” and assembles them to create a new set of applications that can adapt to changes in the external environment, significantly strengthening the resilience of the organization.

In 2016, Kingdee launched a large-scale R&D program on Cosmic Cloud. In 2018, Kingdee Cosmic Cloud was officially launched, marking the beginning of a new digital era. In May 2021, Kingdee Cosmic Cloud underwent a brand revamp, with the PaaS platform and SaaS application being segregated into Cosmic Cloud and Constellation Cloud respectively. Kingdee Constellation Cloud is a next-generation enterprise business capability (EBC) designed specifically for large-scale enterprises. It is 100% compatible with Kingdee’s proprietary modular and configurable enterprise-grade PaaS interface, and consists of Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs). Our solution is designed to create a digital platform for enterprises that can adapt to the ever-changing business environment with optimal resilience.

Kingdee Constellation Cloud is an EBC designed specifically for large-scale enterprises, based on the modular and configurable Cosmic Cloud PaaS platform.It is composed of PBCs, which enable a flexible modular approach that meets the personalized requirements of individual enterprises. Kingdee makes digital transformation easy by seamlessly assembling, transitioning and integrating legacy systems, helping enterprises identify system value and adapt to constant changes.The PBC algorithm allows for the open API interface to be used to assemble systems of other vendors, ultimately forming a new full-data system under Kingdee Constellation Cloud. This interconnected system consolidates and centralizes data, streamlining and optimizing business management.The API externalizes assets such as data, algorithms, transactions, and business workflow, building an eco-system within enterprises’ capacity that connects new partners and developers. This allows enterprises to create value externally in the digital business world.

There are two primary strategies for supporting our service partners: On one hand, the focus areas for development and cooperation are outlined in details, making the R&D for pre-while on the other hand, one-stop services are provided to help ISV partners quickly develop on the Kingdee Constellation platform, including pre-sales support, technical support, marketing promotion, and other aspects, to achieve a win-win situation.

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