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Quickly Build a Powerful Digital Platform, which is the Best Practical Platform for EBC Thinking

About Kingdee Cloud - Cosmic PaaS

Kingdee Cloud – Cosmic is an enterprise-grade PaaS platform designed for large and sizable enterprises.

Based on the enterprise-grade cloud native architecture and middle-office concept, the platform encompasses innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, big data and Internet of Things, as well as Kingdee’s considerable experience in enterprise-grade technology services.

As the best example of the EBC concept, Kingdee Cloud – Cosmic provides enterprises with multilayer digital support which covers a variety of scenarios and helps them efficiently construct a powerful digital platform.

Platform-based Development Has Become the Most Important IT Strategy to Large Enterprises

Technology platform

As the technological foundation of a new-generation enterprise-grade PaaS platform, the technology platforms mainly include enterprise-grade native cloud platforms with GPaaS as the core and application development platforms with APaaS as the core. GPaaS implements the core technology of a PaaS platform, and integrates and is compatible with the IaaS capability. APaaS is a set of integrated application development platforms which provides the framework and environment for integrated application development, and standard technology components and services such as business procedure management and service interface management.

Capability platform

An enterprise-grade PaaS requires four major capability platforms: Technology capability platform, data capability platform, business capability platform and open capability platform. Specifically, a technology capability platform is a basic component for an enterprise to build a PaaS. At the same time, data and business are two core capabilities to enable complete integration between IT and business and empower business personnel. Openness and tolerance are essential to a platform. Therefore, an open platform centered on API management and governance is indispensable for the assembling of applications from different software suppliers.

Business platform

From the perspective of operation innovation, transformation of products and services, innovative business models, cultural innovation and digital technology, digital enterprise ecosystems in the EBC era can be categorized into five major digital supporting platforms that help enterprises improve their five major digital capabilities: Information system platform for employees, customer experience platform for customers, IoT platform for devices, ecosystem platform for cooperative partners, and intelligent data analysis platform.

Platform-based Development Has Become the Most Important IT Strategy to Large Enterprises

8 Essential Technologies of New Generation Enterprise-grade PaaS Platform

Development Services Cloud

Based on the Kingdee Dynamic Domain Model (KDDM), enterprises can apply the agile methodology for business development, and help to induce business capability.

Process Service Cloud

Provide a point-to-point business process model, support a variety of complex business scenarios, and support enterprise with the management of the whole process life cycle.

Light modeling, multi-dimensional, high-performance data analysis, and data visualization platform

Integrated Services Cloud

Low-code integration tools are driven by the metadata model, creating a simple integrated development environment, and a reliable and risk-controlling execution process.

AI Service Cloud

Based on AI technologies and business scenarios, a wide selection of intelligent scenarios provide an effective way to upgrade enterprise intelligence.

Blockchain Service Cloud

Low-code, one-stop, and enterprise-graded blockchain service helps the enterprise to improve data credibility.

RPA Service Cloud

Based on AI artificial intelligence and automation technology, it provides a safe, reliable, and stable virtual robot to increase employee productivity.

Data Centre Middle-Stage

To achieve a visible, understandable, usable, and operable data, able to use data insights to drive decision-making and management for business growth.


Empower global business management, support local language compliance, improve overseas user experience, and assist enterprises in international operations

Cloud basic platform(gPaaS)

Supports integrated management of development, operation and maintenance, and helps enterprises quickly build a highly available, loosely coupled, and elastically scalable digital platform.

Kingdee Cloud - Core Advantages of Cosmic

Cloud Native
High performance, high reliability, and high agility
Low Code
High productivity
Independency and Controllability
Adaption to all domestic series
Middle-office Architecture
Dual business + data middle office
Overall Opening
Full-stack opening, API, and event driving

Eight Characteristics of the New-generation Enterprise-grade PaaS Platform

Comprehensive user experience
Multiple roles, multiple terminals,
whole journey
Overall Opening
Capability openness and platform co-construction
Overall Opening
Data empowerment
Big data + algorithm
Intelligent operation and decision-making
through intelligent automation
Achieve workforce enhancement
Safe and reliable
Secure and Reliable
Support large concurrency and large data volume
Iterate quickly
Agile delivery
Support enterprises to embrace change
Personalized customization
Support cloud multi-tenancy
Personalized customization
Low Code
Everyone is a developer
Democratizing IT Innovation

Open Platform

Openness and tolerance are essential to a platform. From the perspective of technology system, third-party cloud service access, and multi-dimensional and multi-layered opening of business middle office, Kingdee Cloud – Cosmic provides an open platform centered on API management and governance for the assembling of applications from different software suppliers.

Technology System Opening: Kingdee Cloud – Cosmic opens in layers based on technology stacks, namely core basic framework, dynamic domain model, microservices, procedure engine, and front-end components, and provides intervention capabilities and open standards for each component level.
Third-party Cloud Service Access: Kingdee Cloud – Cosmic provides external access capabilities with the API service framework as the core for third-party clouds/applications
Business Middle Office Opening: Kingdee Cloud – Cosmic integrates industry ecosystem contents based on the business middle office opening of standard cloud services for ISV partners

Independent Innovation and Credible Domestic Technologies

Enterprise-grade applications developed based on the Kingdee Cloud – Cosmic platform have been able to adapt to China’s technologies with full-stack technologies from the underlying operating system and database to middleware and application development technologies. We will no longer depend on foreign commercial technologies as we have realized complete independence and controllability, solving critical problems in the field of enterprise-grade application software. For low-code development with the dynamic domain model as the core, Kingdee Cloud – Cosmic has applied for 185 patents, registered 28 software copyrights, and won a China Patent Award

Evaluation by Research Institutions

IDC 2020 SaaS ERP Customer Satisfaction Award

Kingdee becomes the only award-winning manufacturer for the highest score in SaaS ERP

Kingdee has been selected into Gartner’s Global High-Productivity PaaS vendor list

Kingdee has been selected into Gartner’s Global High-Productivity PaaS vendor list as an enterprise management software manufacturer

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