Kingdee Ecosystem Partner Programme

Close collaboration, client empowerment and winning in the cloud

What is the Kingdee ecosystem partner system?

Kingdee not only develops ERP partners, but also welcomes ISVs, IT integrators, consulting service providers, training and education service providers, financial consulting service providers, software developers and any other partners interested in 2B services. Help partners build core competencies, transform from marketing-oriented organisations to service-oriented organisations to achieve synergy, obtain insights into the customer’s real problems and help clients and partners ‘triumph’ in the cloud.

Kingdee Partner System

Channel Partners

Traditional marketing partners refers to companies and enterprises selling licensed Kingdee products in authorised sales areas. These can be divided into sales partners and distributors based on the type of operation. According to licensed products, distributors can be further divided into EAS Cloud partners, Kingdee Cloud Galaxy partners, KIS Cloud partners, Kingdee Jingdou Cloud partners, and so on.

They are normally skilled at market development and can provide services such as product sales and certain implementations. The sale of Kingdee products is their main source of revenue.

ISV Partners

Partners with strong capabilities in developing value-added services, who develop industrial products or horizontal products based on the Kingdee Cloud Cosmic PaaS platform. The industrial products or domain products developed by these partners are not project-specific and can therefore be integrated with Kingdee’s packaged solutions.

Among them, industrial products refer to products used in specific industries, such as products for modern agriculture, ports, steelworks, etc. Horizontal products refer to products that can be used across different industries, such as CRM, collaboration products, etc.

Service Partners

Enterprises that are independent legal entities and capable of implementing enterprise informatisation, customised development, consultancy or industry customer delivery. They partner up with Kingdee through formal agreements and participate in product solution improvement, project consulting, pre-sale work and project delivery, jointly providing services for customers.

Delivery partners can be divided into implementation partners, customised development partners, consulting partners, specialised operations partners, etc.

Why you should become a Kingdee ecosystem partner?

Management Support

We provide various standardised support services in the areas of marketing, implementation, team staffing, operations and maintenance, etc.

Training Support

Dedicated partnership development managers provide business support and commercial support to help you succeed in the field of cloud computing.


Extensive marketing opportunities are available through customer saloons, seminars, industry expos, Kingdee user conferences, and more.

Technical services

Technical support in specialised domains will be provided by professional Kingdee architect teams to give you an edge in the vertical market.

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