OA System: Kingdee Cloud-Hub

Cloud-Hub OA System empowers individuals, stimulates organizations, helps enterprises achieve a paperless office, and establishes a reliable, collaborative office cloud

What is OA System?

Cloud-Hub is an enterprise-level intelligent collaborative cloud system that aims to equip every employee by giving them an intelligent office assistant. It not only covers typical scenes such as traditional OA portals, processes, meetings, and documents but also provides integrated applications such as IM and enterprise culture so as to deliver better mobile, intelligent, and social experiences.

Socialized communication processes to make approval intelligent and transparent and to make discussions more efficient.


Connect ERP, realize mobile working, reporting, and approval in mobile phones.

Digitization & intellectualization

Messages are automatically recognized and transferred to schedules; voice interaction is used to find colleagues and applications, which makes setting reminders and checking information more convenient.

Features of Our OA System

  • Smart Approval
  • Smart Attendance
  • Intelligent Portal
  • Ecosystem
  • Instant Messaging
  • Smart Work Assistant
  • Knowledge Centre
  • Mobile Report
  • Smart Conference
  • Cloud-Hub · Work Assistant

    Work Assistant includes scheduling, task collaboration, and personal memos. Schedules can be shared which enables managers to be aware of employees' work schedules and enables all project members to be clear about each other's work plans.
  • The Best Solution for Office Automation

    Unified Mobile Portal

    Cloud-Hub OA System handles all work with ONE APP. A unified portal makes work more convenient and efficient.

    Ecological Interconnection

    Many leading enterprises pay more attention to the upstream and downstream cooperation of the industry in the hopes of connecting with and empowering ecological partners and building a business community with complementary advantages and close cooperation.

    Data Collaboration

    AI intelligence benchmarking makes decision-making easier. Interactive cooperation plus watermarking makes communication more efficient and secure. Light BI flexible data sources render report making more convenient. Statistics reading means that report usage can be understood immediately.

    Mobile Platform

    Provide one-stop application scenarios so enterprises can work efficiently. Unify portals, information, processes, and applications to give full play to the value of existing IT assets, Multi-terminal synchronization, and seamless switching; operate workflow at any time; handle business process at any time.

    Smart Collaborative Office Cloud

    Advanced product concepts, rich management experience, and people-oriented. Each employee is equipped with a smart OA system solution to improve corporate management standards and operation collaboration efficiency.

    Advantages of Our OA System

    Lower Cost

    By using the Cloud-Hub OA system, companies do not need to purchase servers, databases, and do not need to be equipped with professional system operation and maintenance personnel. Compared with traditional OA deployment modes, the total cost of applying Cloud-Hub over five years can be reduced by more than 60%–70%.

    Innovative User Experience

    Achieve whole process teleworking and open API to achieve fast ERP. Automatic message recognition and appointment scheduling; find colleagues and applications via voice search. Socialized communication processes to make discussions more efficient.

    Complete Product Functions

    Fully covers typical office scenarios of traditional OA, helps enterprises quickly implement paperless offices, standardizes various types of business, and realizes information sharing and efficient collaboration among departments.

    Customer Success Stories

    Country Garden: Digitization Drives Innovation of Business

    When visiting institutional units, we usually have to register, fill out the visitor’s form and get a card. Then we can go inside. However, during the pandemic, such an operation is not only unsafe but also inefficient, easily bringing the crowd together. Taking advantage of the open capability of Yuanbao, we provide digital card keys. Employees can apply for work resumption online…

    Wens Group: 50,000 Farmers, One Family

    I can ignore messages on WeChat, but I use Cloud-Hub every day because it’s deeply related to my job.

    Northeast Pharm: Comprehensive Re-organization of Financial Accounting Processes

    In 2013, Northeast Pharm chose Kingdee Cloud to build a unified data center for the group. By leveraging Kingdee Cloud’s platforms and applications, we set up a comprehensive financial management and control system, covering multi-organization, multi-accounting-system integrated accounting management, and group capital management. We also achieved efficient operational collaboration among multiple businesses, including…

    Haier: A Home-Appliance Giant’s Path to Building a Mobile Ecosystem

    Our Strategy Department is mainly responsible for formulating the Group’s strategies and managing the entire department. In the process, we often encounter problems such as the inability to promptly handle certain official documents. Now, with Cloud-Hub iHaier, we can handle work via mobile devices at any time and any place, which is very convenient.

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