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Overall partnership value for channel partners

Empowers partners to build core competencies

Join Kingdee, with its 27 years of successful experience as an industry leader, to manage output, export industry experience, and help partners build core competitiveness. Building a partner employee growth channel system is conducive to the long-term development of a company.

Assists partners to rapidly occupy markets

For 15 years in a row, Kingdee has had the largest market share in the growth enterprise market. Kingdee’s customer base covers all industries and it has an exceptional brand reputation. Having a mature system with channels that support growth helps franchise partners rapidly gain a foothold in the software industry.

Helping partners to build an industry reputation

By addressing the core issues and management pain points of customer business, Kingdee can reach top-tier customers and gain recognition and become a strategic partner for customer growth, which is more beneficial for deep industry operations. Word-of-mouth marketing and customer retention have become business advantages that no one can duplicate. 'Helping customers succeed' makes everyone engaged in Kingdee operations a respected partner.

Profit analysis of Kingdee's Partnership

Kingdee has successfully managed the system output

Organisation building

– Team recruitment, organisation assessment system construction
– Project operating system specifications
– Output of operating system of outstanding partners
– Team culture building

Market support

– Product market planning
– Marketing activity guide

Sales support

– Kingdee standard sales methodology output
– Product marketing dialogue
– Competing product analysis

Pre-sales support

– Industry fundamentals
– Product presentation
– Product and industry solutions
– Classic cases

After-sales Support

– Delivery support: Delivery of methodological outputs, delivery consultants; competency empowerment and certification, standard implementation delivery tool
– Service support: Introduction to the service system, service product introduction and quotation

Kingdee's New Partner Growth System

Introduction to the Kingdee Channel Partner System

EASCloud Product
Kingdee Cloud Galaxy (Enterprise), Kingdee Cloud Galaxy (Standard)
KIS Cloud (Business), KIS Cloud (Professional), KIS Cloud (Ultimate)
KIS (Mini), KIS (Standard), KIS Accounting King, Jingdou Cloud (New Generation), Cloud Accounting, Cloud Invoicing, Cloud Finance and TradeP
Value of Customer
High Value
High Value
Popular Business
Massive Business
Partner Type
EAS Cloud Partners
Kingdee Cloud Galaxy Partners
KIS Partners
KIS Distribution Partners
Jingdou Cloud Partners
Cutomer Market
Group Enterprise Market
Mid-sized Business Market
Small Business Market (Number of Tens of Millions of Customers)
Micro Enterprise Market (Number of Tens of Millions of Customers)