Kingdee Omni-channel Retail Management Solution

The preferred choice of Huawei, Samsung, OPPO and LG for retail store management

The essence of omni-channel sales is to learn about consumers

Demand outstrips supply in the market

In an era when demand is outstripping supply, business opportunities are on the rise. In response, corporate marketing should focus on four key areas: products, pricing, channels and dissemination

Supply outstrips demand in the market

In an era when supply is outstripping demand, business growth opportunities are hard to find. In response, corporate marketing should focus on four key areas: aesthetic appeal, experience, processes and IT

Era of personalized consumer demand

In the era of personalized consumer demand, the growth of business opportunities has become uncertain. In response, corporate marketing should focus on three key areas: social interaction, data-driven decision-making and intelligent applications

Kingdee Omni-channel Retail Management Solution

Omni-channel retail management solution for large- and medium-sized enterprises and growth companies

Kingdee Cloud Galaxy is a cloud-based management platform for enterprises with multiple organisations and multiple profit centres, It has features including top-level design for integrated management of finances and businesses, to achieve a unified platform and data centre, BBC omni-channel marketing parameter configuration to meet company demand for both broad-stroke and precision management of marketing activities, good track record in practice, as evidenced by the successes of a large number of segment-leading companies, and innovative new retail practices that have been commercially adopted by Huawei and Samsung.

E-commerce solution & OMS offering management services for e-commerce companies

Guanyi Cloud is a SaaS product developed by Kingdee that provides operation management services to e-commerce companies, and is an ISV partner of over 60 mainstream e-commerce platforms, including Taobao, Tmall,, and Pinduoduo. It has features including quick order processing, with speeds up to 25,000 orders per second, a large number of users, the preferred choice of top 500 sellers by transaction volume during the “Double 11” (November 11) online shopping festival, strong system carrying capacity, leading peers in Taobao stress tests for eight consecutive years, and quick implementation and delivery (delivery in 3-5 days).


Original ecosystem integrated application for business and financial management

Integrated top-level design for Kingdee Financial Cloud and Supply Chain Cloud, unified platform and data centre, and seamless integration of front-end marketing, back-office business processes, and finance

Successes of industry leading companies

The preferred choice of Huawei, Samsung China, OPPO and LG for retail store management

Full coverage of various distribution models

Supports business management for traditional distribution, chain retail, B2C online e-commerce, retail store management, purchase, sale and inventory at stores, smart stores, OTO e-commerce, multi-store management and other types of distribution models

Wholeheartedly serving enterprises

Developed based on Kingdee’s 25 years of deep insight into Chinese corporate management, with marketing outlets across China that can quickly respond to customer demand

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