Kingdee EAS Cloud, Digital Platform for Group Enterprises

What is Kingdee EAS Cloud?

Kingdee EAS Cloud is based on cloud computing technology and provides integrated and intelligent business solutions for large group enterprises.The solution is suitable for group enterprises focusing on capital, strategic and operational management. It offers group finance, strategy and human resources management, corporate governance and business intelligence analysis solutions.The platform provides group enterprises with highly efficient operation management solutions, such as complex internal transactions, collaborative supply chains, intelligent manufacturing and large-scale industrial Internet platforms. It also offers a localised operating system, database and application software for a fully autonomous and configurable solution that meets the spontaneous innovation and development requirements of group enterprises.


Standard Web API interfaces open to third-party systems for easy integration of applications


Connect to the ecosystem to integrate company elements such as employees, managers and internal organisations. You can also connect to the upstream and downstream ecosystems of external organisations such as suppliers, customers, banks and tax offices


Featuring AI, blockchain, big data, cloud computing, IoT and many other technologies, it can be used in multiple fields and industries and in personal applications

EAS Cloud Solutions

  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Multi-channel Marketing
  • Digital Purchasing
  • Group Financial Reporting
  • Comprehensive Budget Management
  • Tax Management
  • Global Treasury Management
  • Smart Sharing
  • Smart Manufacturing Solutions
    With a core framework of digital transformation in manufacturing, encompassing on the Industry of internet and industry 4.0, featuring "five driving forces, four synergies, three integrations, two controls, and big data"
  • Product Advantages

    Highly Reliable Application Platform

    Model-driven design concept for quick customisation of individual requirements. Makes full use of emerging technologies such as cloud computing, social networking, mobile Internet, big data and artificial intelligence to support the digital transformation of enterprises

    HR Sharing

    Through the specialised application platform for human resource management, the multi-role social interaction self-service platform and the open cloud light application platform, enterprises can build a strategy-driven human resource management system that connects all employees, to build and enhance the core competencies of the organisation

    Digital Operations

    Helps enterprises build marketing services platforms that allow them to better connect and reach customers and provide customer service. It also provides real-time insight into market trends and allows businesses to respond rapidly

    Smart Tax

    Provides automated auditing robots and bookkeeping machines, online banking robots and tax return robots based on automated interface rules (embedded RPA). The reimbursement robot detects invoices and reimbursement claims through OCR, as well as intelligent decision-making analytics via embedded AI and more

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