Kingdee Constellation - Procurement Cloud

A next-generation digital procurement platform that is modular and adaptable to all scenarios, Kingdee Constellation – Procurement Cloud is designed to create an efficient, secure, and transparent collaborative procurement business system for enterprises.

Kingdee Constellation Cloud - Optimizing Procurement Efficiency on A Collaborative Platform

Kingdee Constellation – Procurement Cloud is an efficient collaboration platform built on Kingdee Cosmic Cloud PaaS.It is designed to support businesses in establishing digital procurement capacity through the easy-to-use supply chain collaborative feature, internal and external resource consolidation, process automation, and transparent workflow. This cloud platform achieves sustainable procurement, reduces procurement costs in all aspects, resulting a resilient supply chain.


Our platform supports procurement processes for any goods and services, including direct materials, indirect materials, services, complex businesses, and more, enabling an end-to-end digital procurement model.

Digitization & intellectualization

Our platform automatically executes procurement processes with precision, resulting in improved operational efficiency. It also provides smart contract alerts that address primary risk factors, covering obligation fulfilments and payments. The multi-dimensional analysis feature allows comprehensive procurement data extraction to empower enterprises to make wise and swift decisions.

Modular model

Built on the robust Cosmic Cloud, Kingdee Constellation - Procurement Cloud provides unparalleled high-concurrency and high-performance data support. The atomic configuration capabilities also allow for personalized features, interface, business processes, and rules to cater to individual business needs.

Kingdee Constellation - Procurement Cloud Structure

Transparent and Value-added Smart Procurement Process

Construct a consistently high-quality procurement system with supplier lifecycle management and resource consolidation

We support enterprises in managing the full lifecycle of suppliers’ engagement, starting from registration, collaboration, evaluation, grading, to elimination and disengagement. The full lifecycle support ensures an orderly, transparent and highly efficient system.
  • Three engagement modes with suppliers: supplier registration, Request for Information (RFI), and “add” feature on the enterprise’s end
  • Dual supplier management approach
  • Supplier registration/smart performance evaluation encourages suppliers to uphold product/service quality.
  • Personalized portal, enabling instant setup for branding and marketing channels

Modular source tracing feature allows enterprises to adapt and respond to variables and crises.

Pre-set 10 common sourcing scenarios, 2 auction tools, and 32 sourcing processes, meeting the strategic and daily sourcing needs of enterprises; atomized design, supporting enterprises to customize and assemble sourcing processes and tools according to business format requirements Our source tracing solution comes with 10 pre-set common scenarios, 2 auction tools, and 32 source tracing processes to meet both the day-to-day and strategic procurement needs. The atomized design also allows for assembly of sourcing processes and tools customized to specific requirements.
  • Flexible configuration for bid evaluation plans, bid preparation, technical bid opening, and business bid opening
  • 5 major source tracing middle-end engines ensure maximized matching and filtering capacity
  • Real-time data overview, automatic price data collection and smart analyses makes price and inventory management easy and free of hassles
  • Pre-set evaluation metrics and rules accustomed to procurement requirements of various business models
  • Renowned evaluation methodology powered with smart expert database management

Integrated procurement and contract management – a digital solution that ensures security, stability and compliance fulfilment

“By integrating with systems such as blockchain, electronic signatures, and OCR recognition, we enable full lifecycle management of procurement contracts in the business operation process, providing rapid deployment of intelligent contract applications for enterprise-level users. We offer full lifecycle management for procurement contracts by integrating with advanced systems such as blockchain, electronic signatures, and OCR recognition. This enables swift deployment of smart contract applications for enterprise-level users, streamlining the procurement process while ensuring safety and compliance.”
  • Unified and compliant contract templates and execution processes for all procurement scenarios.
  • Solution customization to satisfy needs across various contracts and management requirements.
  • Blockchain application assures secure contract storage and integrity
  • Smart contract alerts minimizes risk factors in payments or contractual fulfilments.
  • Integrated electronic signature and OCR system for cross-system integration and multi-terminal contract data sharing, ushering in a paperless contract era.

Comprehensive coverage for all categories and aspects of procurement

Procurement Cloud offers a digital eco-system that supports enterprises in streamlining the procurement process that can apply to all goods or services, including direct materials, indirect materials, services, and complex businesses. Our platform is designed to address pain points such as complex goods or services, differences in granularity, differences in manpower and capability distribution, and difficulties in the calculation of procurement benefits. As a result, procurement efficiency can be significantly improved, and critical costs can be reduced.
  • Assemble a comprehensive management platform that covers 5 major procurement categories for enterprises, meeting various needs of individual business models.
  • Simplify the procurement process for indirect materials by connecting to e-commerce platforms. Temporary needs of indirect material procurement can be addressed promptly.
  • Access to all-category resources – cross-platform price comparison enabled by digitization helps reduce cost, resulting in increased revenue.
  • Streamline the reimbursement process with bill automation, simplifying corporate procedures.

Enable efficient joint procurement efforts by building a smart vertical collaborative platform.

Our solution creates a user-friendly smart platform to establish a data link between procurement and suppliers, enabling companies to develop a collaborative and management loop that circulates all procurement needs, including order fulfilment, logistics, storage, and billing. Real-time control, either online or offline, is made possible and easy.
  • Real-time billing and data change management between procurement and suppliers, covering all aspects from purchase requests to warehouse inspections.
  • Efficient reconciliation, invoice processing, and business payments through smart business and financial integration.
  • Elimination of information silos between systems, providing procurement and suppliers with complete and consistent business data.
  • Push notifications – online and offline synchronized information exchange.
  • Seamless integration with mainstream ERPs and heterogeneous systems, facilitating automatic data flow and synchronization.

Automated payment and billing processes ensure data continuity and compliance.

Our flexible payment method provides enterprises with the tools they need to effectively manage their cash flow and automate the billing system. Powered with digitized data extraction, invoice verification, compliant archiving, and invoice monitoring, we create a closed-loop for payment management. Our system streamlines the payment process and ensures capture and proper handling of invoices.
  • Increase supplier cash flow by supporting supply chain financing/ledger reconciliation
  • Build an online self-service portal for suppliers that supports multiple domestic and international payment methods
  • Billing automation allows automatic acquisition and identification of invoices, followed by smart processes designed for all types of invoices and payments
  • Efficiently process invoices, ledger records and anomalies with invoice templates and verified built-in workflows
  • Invoice verification, compliant archiving, monitoring and tracking services ensure efficient billing management throughout the payment cycle

A complete and full-service business eco-system

Built on PaaS Kingdee Cosmic Cloud, Kingdee Constellation – Procurement Cloud seamlessly integrates with existing ERP systems and can be easily deployed in external ecosystems within no time. Sufficient external interfaces allow creation of a continuously optimized ecosystem for enterprises, connecting suppliers, partners, and customers. Its compatibility with heterogeneous ERP systems ensures a smooth and efficient procurement process, ultimately reducing operational costs and increasing productivity.
  • Connected with e-commerce merchants, including, Suning, Ehsy, and supported by services from Kuaidi100, Fadada, iTrusChina, and more, our platform allows enterprises to develop a continuously growing ecosystem.
  • Digitized and centralized procurement ecosystem effectively connects internal and external resources of enterprises, and provides users with e-commerce experience by standardizing work processes and integrating procurement and financial data.
  • Seamless integration with heterogeneous systems, solving the problems of data collection from multiple systems, and allowing complete synchronized system messages.
  • Establish a supplier information security system that addresses pre-event inquiries between enterprises and suppliers, while providing in-event information comparisons, and post-event information alerts.

Inter-beneficial procurement ecosystem powered by digitization creates new value for large-scale enterprises.

Procurement cycle is shortened by 20%

Discover how China Mobile IoT has transformed its supplier management with Kingdee Constellation - Procurement Cloud, by achieving end-to-end supplier lifecycle management, improving procurement transparency, and establishing a highly competitive industry chain ecosystem. Learn how their success story can inspire your enterprise to accelerate growth and achieve digital transformation.


Kingdee Constellation – Procurement Cloud is built on an enterprise-level PaaS platform that can be integrated with AI, RPA, blockchain, OCR, and other digital technologies. The cutting-edge digital technologies, when combined with Kingdee’s years of experience in digital procurement services, help companies build more agile and responsive digital procurement platforms.Additionally, the powerful processing and assembly capabilities of our solution can keep up with the tracing needs complex business models and help them build a diversified procurement ecosystem.Kingdee Constellation – Procurement Cloud has also been verified by numerous enterprises among the China’s top 500, including SF Express, Wens, Oppein, and China Mobile IoT. Our cloud service is proven the go-to solution for large-scale enterprises that are looking for procurement upgrades.

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