Kingdee ERP,Cross-border Finance Solutions with Updated IFRS9

With the development of new technologies and new regulatory requirements, the market environment is changing with each passing day. Financial service companies are increasingly transforming from a single business to a diversified business. 

The traditional classification of financial enterprises, such as banking, insurance, securities, asset management and other businesses, is changing. Boundaries are gradually blurring, and internal management of enterprises is becoming increasingly complex, especially financial management requirements are getting higher and higher. Kingdee’s EAS and ERP financial service solutions have long been focused on industry management services in the financial industry under new environmental changes, integrating the excellent practical experience of many cross-border financial group companies to provide customers with unique value.

Cross-border Finance Solutions

Automation of financial accounting process

Assist financial managers to automate the middle and back-end financial accounting processes, reduce daily accounting work by more than 60%, and improve work efficiency.

Enrich and clean interfaces in external system

Various types and wide variety of content in external system interfaces, such as securities trading system interfaces (i.e.: iAsia, Hang Seng, etc.), exchange rate data interface, real-time market data interface, etc., fully given the automatic entry of daily transactions, price market data and finance, greatly reducing workload of financial staff.

Internal transaction processing tools

In daily financial management, internal transactions and internal expense apportionment processing can add heavy workload to finance. EAS provides internal transaction processing tools for splitting income and expenses according to customized income and expense splitting and apportionment rules. Provide support to financial companies that need to handle large amounts of internal transactions.

IFRS9 Comprehensive Financial Asset Accounting

In response to the introduction of IFRS9 international accounting standards, financial assets are accounted for according to three new categories (Amortized Cost, FVOCI, FVTPL), including the daily processing of financial assets such as stocks, bonds, CDs, financial derivatives, margins, and foreign exchange, such as Purchase and sale, dividends, dividends, fair value revaluation, IRR amortization, etc., and finally produce IFRS9 statements.

Regulatory Report Support Tool

A wide variety of tools to generate regulatory reports automatically for Hong Kong and Chinese regulatory agencies, such as Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission FRR, China Banking Regulatory Commission 1104 report, etc., to improve the intelligence and accuracy of regulatory reports and save the time of financial staff.

Instantly merge TB tables and consolidated statements

With a unique consolidating solution for cross-border financial groups, merging TB tables and consolidated statements in one-click, enabling real-time supervision of data.

Multi-dimensional financial profit accounting

Multi-angle and multi-dimensional, providing profit accounting management for project, financial services or products, team, individual, etc., efficiently meet the management requirements of financial enterprises which have diversified profits and internal performance evaluation.

Cross-border Finance Solutions Advantages

Automated Data Processing

Implement automated data processing of middle and back end stage, improve work efficiency for customers

Improve the accuracy and timeliness

Improve the accuracy and timeliness

Support regulatory reporting in China and Hong Kong

Efficiently support the regulatory reporting in China and Hong Kong, such as FRR, 1104 and other requirements, to relieve the pressure of financial officers

Improve internal management and prevent taxation risks

Provide internal risk control and support regulatory for financial groups, and also provide management tools for enterprises who have a wide variety of financial products and services.

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