Kingdee Omni-Channel Cloud

Supports e-commerce models such as B2B, B2C, O2O and C2M, provides a complete omni-channel marketing solution integrating e-commerce, supply chain and finance, and provides a support platform for enterprise marketing model innovation and supply chain efficiency improvement.

Omni-Channel Challenges

Global Inventory Control

In terms of omni-channel inventory management, it is necessary to strike a balance between timely response to market demand and inventory level control. However, it is challenging for many enterprises to meet market needs in a timely manner and minimise inventory backlog.

How to Make Data Bring Incremental Value to Business Operations

It is difficult to integrate marketing data from various channels in a timely manner. Therefore, companies cannot truly benefit from the data. How to improve the data efficiency and form a new retail operation pattern that uses front-end data to promote back-end business is the third transformation difficulty that needs attention.

How Terminals Connect Consumers

Consumption patterns become increasingly diversified and dispersed. More and more terminal equipment, such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs, smart watches, and virtual reality devices, have become shopping interfaces. How to achieve omni-channel touchpoint support remains a challenge.

Fine Management of Distributors

Traditional branding strategy is difficult to implement and problems including cross sale still exist. How to achieve cross-channel collaboration and improve the overall consumption experience under the new retail model is also a core issue.

Omni-Channel Requirements

New Model

Online and offline omni-channel integration

New Groups

Diversified user needs

New Technology

New upgrade of retail revolution

Kingdee Omni-Channel Solution Features

Through agile frontend, shared middle platform, and diverse backend, we can connect omni-channel data with marketing business to achieve unified management of all network orders, unified distribution of global inventory, accurate marketing of all network members, and industry and finance integration solutions.

Omni-channel order fulfillment

Omni-channel order fulfillment

Comprehensively integrates e-commerce platforms, self-operated e-commerce websites, retail stores and traditional distribution channels and docks with third-party warehouse and logistics systems, allowing companies to dominate in multi-channel management.

Docking with multiple e-commerce platforms

Docking with multiple e-commerce platforms

Docks with more than 150 mainstream e-commerce platforms in all sectors and industries, allowing the automatic downloading of online orders, automatic order reviewing, order splitting, global inventorying and other functions, all with standardized and integrated data.

B2B distribution platform

B2B distribution platform

An online distributor portal allows real-time data exchanges for everything from order controlling to goods replenishment, promotions, rebates, warehousing, logistics, inventorying, finance and other areas and supports multi-terminal applications; companies will be able to establish strategic long-term partnerships with distributors.

Abundant promotional strategies and analyses

Abundant promotional strategies and analyses

Supports flexible user-customized promotional activities to help companies adapt to different price and promotional management needs under different business scenarios; provides data collection and result analyses for promotions; guides enterprises toward formulating more precise sales policies.

Global inventory management platform

Global inventory management platform

By connecting internal supply-chain management with external channel information, builds a highly coordinated cloud-based global inventory management platform with global inventory control and digital operations for companies.

C2M & O2O supply-chain solutions

C2M & O2O supply-chain solutions

Provides various channels through which consumers can place orders, supports integrated online and offline operations and provides customized manufacturing and supply-chain systems.

Application Blueprint

Through the industrial network, data links from enterprise, management, operation, control and equipment layers can be connected vertically to realise two-way communication and real-time data sharing. The bottom layer is the IoT platform, which realises the equipment networking and real-time data collection in production equipment and material. The intelligent manufacturing platform in the middle layer allows fine management and control of all links and elements in the production process. The upper-level cloud platform and data platform provide resource management and sharing services which continuously improve based on data.


Kingdee’s Omni-channel Marketing Solution helps enterprises centrally manage and integrate orders from different platforms, and can connect to third-party warehouse and logistics services to make distribution and delivery more automated, and at the same time improve the efficiency of store and distributor inventory management, so that enterprises can connect Multiple e-commerce platforms and enter the e-commerce market in China

Customer Success Stories

Kinco: Smart manufacturing to create a “New Economy”

From introducing sophisticated improvements and undertaking Manufacturing Execution System (MES) try-outs to forging a strategic partnership with Kingdee Cloud, the Kinco Smart Factory has achieved far-reaching advances spanning business process standardization, data transparency and intelligentization. So far, automatic transmission of information within the factory has been achieved, and automatic logistics will soon be launched, opening up a new chapter. Kinco and Kingdee aim to redefine the smart factory and jointly create a production method for the new economy.

Opple: No. 1 player in the lighting industry, leading seller on e-commerce platforms

Opple has long been the No. 1 player in the PRC home-lighting industry on all major platforms. It has leading innovative technologies and operates at lightning-fast speeds. Teaming up with Kingdee Guanyi Cloud, Opple can process 600,000 orders in eight hours. Lighting up life, Opple’s future has unlimited possibilities.

Pisen Inc.: The secret of RMB 20 million deal a day

We have doubled our sale and extended our system operation from financial management to shop management after using the EAS system of Kingdee. Our user access rate exceeds 1200 during the peak hours of the day particularly on special sale promotion dates such as the “11.11”. Previously, we were worried if our system can support the processing of such large traffic of data flowing at the same time. The “11.11” trial was a success. The Kingdee EAS system not only can strongly support the O2O operation but also gives us confidence in big data processing.

Yunnan Baiyao: Enhance Competitiveness, Digitalize Public Health Management

With the continuous transformation of the management mode of the Traditional Chinese Medicine National Resources Department of Yunnan Baiyao Group, each business division is in the profit-oriented development phase. How to rely on the information system to calculate the operating costs and profits of each sub-organization has also become an important task. Through the implementation of this informatization project, the Group enhances the ability and control of the business department over the accounting of various business divisions without affecting the guidelines in responding to media of accounting, laying the foundation for the realization of the following multi-division, multi-system and amoeba accounting. At the same time, the Group has set up online and offline platforms through the B2C order platform, and integrated supply chains with retail ends through transaction middleware, thus greatly improving related work efficiency.

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