Kingdee Guanyi Cloud, E-commerce cloud service platform for enterprises

What is Kingdee Guanyi Cloud?

In-depth cooperation with over 150 mainstream e-commerce platforms such as Taobao and; provides stable, easy-to-use and cost-effective e-commerce cloud transaction processing capabilities for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises based on the standardised SaaS product C-ERP. Provides professional industrial transaction processing capabilities and convenient and personalised service capabilities for mid-size and large brands and corporate e-commerce firms based on the core product, Guanyi Cloud KDCloud

More professional

A service provider that is truly capable of offering integrated solutions, it has built a closed loop structure for new retail models and provides holistic omni-channel solutions. Drawing fully on its 27 years of experience in the enterprise services market, Kingdee offers deep integration to connect every aspect of the enterprise, including online and offline business, the supply chain and financial management

More flexible

Helps retail enterprises expand their omni-channel business and provides them with sufficient business flexibility and agility from the level of management systems, supporting their personalised business operations and processes. Refuses to adopt rigid and unnecessary processes for the sake of it.

More comprehensive

Has provided professional services to a total of over 110,000 enterprises spanning the ten main categories of e-commerce, with enterprises including Yili, NetEase Youdao, Dong-E-E-Jiao, Jinlongyu, Hikvision and iFlytek, and more than 1 million users

More stable

After 11 years of testing during major e-commerce promotions, it can easily deal with high volumes of concurrent orders. In a stress test on 11 November 2020, it hit a volume of 500 million. Using cloud cluster deployment, faults were located within 1 minute and resolved within ten minutes. The daily peak download order volume was 37,800 orders per second, and shipping speed was15,000 orders per second

Kingdee Guanyi Cloud Solutions

  • Guanyi Cosmic
  • Guanyi C-ERP
  • Guanyi Cosmic
    Based on R&D from the Kingdee Cloud KDCloud platform, it supports microservices, distributed computing and storage, container services and multi-tenancy. It also supports cloud-based customisation for medium and large-sized e-commerce enterprises
  • Kingdee Guanyi Cloud Industrial Solutions

    Smart Warehouse Management

    Composed of automated hardware equipment and smart warehousing software systems, it can significantly improve space utilization in warehouse, warehouse automation, and achieve informatization and precision in warehouse management.

    New Retail

    The integration of online, offline, logistics and data across a single value chain, helping enterprises to evolve by integrating business, finance, and taxation.


    Professional service team that deals directly with the customer to resolve the issue

    300-strong after-sales service team, operating 24/7 to ensure the normal flow of customer transactions. On Singles' Day 2020, it posted a GMV of CNY 108.6 billion, with no missed or incorrect orders

    Fast order processing

    Cloud cluster deployment is used for core products, with faults located within 1 minute and resolved within ten minutes. The daily peak download order volume is 37,800 orders per second, and the shipping speed is 15,000 orders per second. The product pressure test for Singles’ Day 2020 reached a volume of 800 million

    A complete ecosystem to connect with over 150 mainstream e-commerce platforms

    Connected to 150+ mainstream e-commerce platforms, 30+ logistics systems and 30+ third-party systems. Able to fully meet the needs of business management across multiple platforms

    A unanimous choice for more than 110,000 corporate customers

    Since 2008, Kingdee Guanyi has served over 110,000 corporate customers and been recognised as a top ten outsourcing service provider by Alibaba, a Taobao gold partner and a outstanding cloud service provider

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