Kingdee Cloud Cosmic Middle Platform

To achieve a visible, understandable, usable, and operable data, able to use data insights to drive decision-making and management for business growth.

Why choose Kingdee Cloud Cosmic Middle Platform

Help enterprises to deeply understand customers and markets, aggregate internal and external data, convert raw data into data assets, and quickly build data services, so that enterprises can continuously and fully utilize data to achieve the goals of data visibility, understanding, usability and operation. Using data insights to drive decision-making and operations to achieve business growth.


Capital forecast, pre-sale forecast, demand forecast, employee movement forecast.


Insight into financial analysis, business analysis, industry comparison, customer portrait stay alive.


Real-time spending risk, customer credit assessment, supplier performance, employee credit.

Product Features

Efficient Data Aggregation

Support 20+ data source types, collection of heterogeneous data, offline or real-time data access.

Unified Data Governance

Provide a unified data model to uniformly clean, model and process data with inconsistent, redundant or complex calibers.

Visual Data Analysis

Powerful data interaction capabilities, rich visualization types, multi-terminal free layout, customized data billboards.

Smart Operational Decisions

Integrate various algorithm models, deeply mine data value, gain insight into business indicators, and intelligently operate and make decisions.

Data Security Protection

Hierarchical and classified management of data, following the principle of least privilege and access isolation, and encrypting core data in all paths.

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