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Kingdee Cloud Constellation - Forging the Future-proof Financial Management Model

Benchmarking the world’s leading systems, Kingdee Constellation – Financial Cloud supports large enterprises in building world-class financial management systems. Utilizing new technologies, extensive thinking, and innovative implementations, Kingdee Constellation – Financial Cloud aims to build a new world of financial management through collaborative efforts.

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IDC Data Showed

● Kingdee has been ranked number one in SaaS EA (Enterprise Application Software Cloud Services), SaaS ERM (Enterprise Resource Management Cloud Services), and Financial Cloud Markets in the first half of 2021.
● Ranked first in the market share of enterprise-level application software SaaS ERM (cloud ERP) and financial cloud for 4 consecutive years

Major Business Scenarios

Kingdee Cloud Constellation is an EBC designed for large-scale enterprises. Kingdee Constellation – Financial Cloud is a key feature, and has been supporting in bringing enterprises into the world-class level, and forging the future-proof financial management model. Developed based on innovative concepts such as event-driven accounting, value co-creation, and real-time global holographic finance, we offered technological solutions, including digital workforce, modular accounting engines, and advanced analytics. The comprehensive solutions empower large-scale enterprises to transform to financial sharing, then further to financial centralization. New applications including the revamped EPM, Global Treasury, and Smart Tax Management are reshaping financial digitization, making your company more competitive and financially robust.

Key Business Scenarios

Expense management: Intelligent reimbursement in all scenarios, integrated business, finance and taxation, and comprehensively improve user experience

Combined business travel and invoice recognition services for easy reimbursement process. Multiple scenarios for full reimbursement are supported, covering projects, contracts and instalment payments. Budgeting and expense standardization can be streamlined to effectively control and monitor marketing, operational and management expenses.

  • Aircraft, wine, car, and meal full-journey travel experience
  • Intelligent voice, invoice assistant
  • Multi-dimensional cost control

Financial Accounting: We support enterprises in their digital transformation in finance, by integrating multiple smart technologies that are compatible with globalized business scope and dynamic.

Based on multi-accounting system, multi-account books, and multi-criteria, it integrates intelligent RPA technology to provide enterprises with refined financial accounting and management accounting including general ledger, transactions, assets, and inventory, and at the same time provide enterprises with paperless electronic accounting File and standard audit file export service to realize the digital intelligence of enterprise financial accounting
  • Multi-system accounting of financial accounting and management accounting
  • Globalization, multiple accounting standards
  • Integrating multiple AI technologies

Financial sharing: Algorithm-driven AI robots support ideation to become actualization

Assembled financial sharing service platform, flexible collocation with business, accounting, taxation, capital, deep integration, comprehensively improve efficiency, reduce risks, and help enterprises tap the deep management value of data
  • Integrated financial sharing solutions for business activities, finance, tax, invoices, data and documentation
  • Smart sharing platform (smart customer service, smart review, smart operation, smart quality inspection)
  • One-stop employee reimbursement platform

Tax management: Break through business, financial, and taxation data barriers, and realize the integration of business, finance and taxation

Featured with real-time online updates on tax regulations, pre-set risk index, compliance fulfilment. smart tax calculation, and automatic declaration of all tax types, improving tax management efficiency in all aspects.
  • Full lifecycle management of invoices
  • Automatic tax declaration for all types of taxes
  • Tax-enterprise direct connection, one-click declaration
  • Tax risk management and control

Management accounting: integration of business and finance, data empowerment management

Kingdee Cloud Constellation Management Accounting takes “one data center for anyone in any scenarios” as its guiding principle, powered by integrated business and financial data. Having thought through multiple potential scenarios, the solution is designed to provide data support for every activity within the enterprise value chain, supporting in highly efficient and precise decision-making process, and more powerful enterprise management.
  • Real-time generation of fine, multi-dimensional, business-finance-integrated event database data
  • Dual-track accounting and audit on standard costs and actual costs
  • Multi-dimensional profit analysis that serves the needs of various business scenarios and users

Treasury management: Value-add smart global treasury

Powered by innovative technology, Kingdee Constellation – Capital Cloud is a scenario-driven solution that is designed for efficient integrated management and creating a value-add global treasury for large-scale enterprises. “Visibility, control, mobility and optimized value” are the four pillars of this strategic treasury. We aim at establishing a highly efficient eco-system that generates synergy and agility in business innovation and new value creation.
  • Visibility of global funds
  • Real-time capital risk control
  • Macro-management of financial resources
  • Highly precise data-driven decision-making

Enterprise-bank Connect: Secure and real-time global connect system with integrated high-performing features

Kingdee Constellation – Enterprise-bank Cloud integrates with thousands of global banks and third-party payment platforms, providing enterprises with smart collection and payment tools, electronic receipts, electronic invoices, letters of credit, and other direct banking solutions for scenarios throughout the lifecycle of a transaction.

  • Clearance Direct Connect:Secure and real-time global clearance, keeping receipts, collection, book-keeping and reconciliation within a close chain.
  • Billing Connect:Real-time online direct connect between full-cycle electronic invoices, letters of credit and the bank
  • Fund Receipt Notification:Subscribe to real-time instant notifications for release and receipt of funds to allow business personnel, customers, and suppliers to align and synergize together.
  • Digi-RMB Connect:Expand your financial channels and reduce transaction costs (0 handling fees for incoming and outgoing transactions)
  • Account opening:Trouble-free online account opening with 100% public cloud service support. Server-free setup minimizes administrative fees.

Enterprise Performance Management: Full service scope covers all the way from compliance disclosure to management decision-making, ensuring both control analysis and speculative execution.

Kingdee Cloud Constellation – a new generation of enterprise performance management (EPM), developed based on advanced multidimensional database and cloud-native technology. The ground-breaking application disrupts the foreign monology and has created an innovative pathway for enterprises to be empowered in world-class business management.

  • Advanced platform: Leading cloud-native IT infrastructure and proprietary multi-dimensional database technology ensures security and controllability.
  • More flexible modules:Flexible modular configuration supports complex and ever-changing management needs.
  • mart merging: One-click smart merging feature supports enterprises in effectively facilitating compliance disclosure and making strategic decisions in a timely manner.
  • Increased accuracy in financial projection:Agile and optimized algorithm-enabled smart features, minimizing uncertainties for enterprises.
  • Agile control and monitoring:Improved efficiency and precision in budgeting
  • Improved efficiency in the decision-making process:Smart reports, decision-making assistance and speculative execution.

Financial Middle Office:Resilient organization and innovative implementation driven by middle office.

The financial middle office represents the future of shared development model. Leveraging advanced technologies like finance engines and digital workforce, tailored financial middle offices for enterprises can be quickly assembled and highly personalized. An agile integrated application system enables further competitive advantages for enterprises. While the platform is anchored by an accounting event library, a unified “one-book account” with a centralized database is available and accessible for a company group. This approach guarantees authentic business information and makes smart data accessible.

  • Atomization:“Atomized” application library developed by abstracting and consolidating reusable core capabilities, allowing modular tools that result in high productivity.
  • Modular system:Based on atomic components to achieve “building-block-style” flexible assembly of various applications, quickly adapting to changes in business; connecting front-end and back-end systems, and integrating with various heterogeneous systems quickly and efficiently.
  • Intellectualization:Not only is the platform highly automated and efficient, it continuously evolves itself to become increasingly smarter and user-friendly.
  • Integrated Sales and Financial Data:Aggregate sales and financial data to streamline business management procedures.

We assist large-scale company groups to build a world-class treasury system

Transform your company through financial sharing, and be the top enterprise worldwide.

Learn how China Merchants Group utilized financial sharing services to consolidate resources, refine and divide tasks in high precision, scale and systemize the business, resulting in improved efficiency as a world-class innovative enterprise.


Smart Finance is a new financial management model that involves deep interaction between humans and machines. It is an information system platform that integrates “business activities, finance, taxation, and banking”. It represents the ultimate direction of financial transformation in the age of digitization. By integrating business activities, financial scenarios, and digital technologies, Smart Finance is reshaping corporate structure and workflow, and creating an innovative financial management model.

Smart Finance reshapes corporate structure and workflow, creating an innovative financial management model. Powered by Kingdee, many large-scale enterprises have actively explored the practical application of Smart Finance, and achieved extraordinary results:

Vanke Group introduced RPA financial robots, OCR image recognition, electronic files, credit management, and other technologies in its shared financial data center. 50% of the sales documents were vetted by the Smart Audit feature, resulting in reduced manpower and improved efficiency. 21 entities have registered for the Enterprise-bank Connect system and 85 online banking robots have been deployed. The 18,000+ accounts worldwide became 100% visible and accessible for centralized management.

Hisense Group constructed an “18 key capability center + 8 major business cycles” customized system by building a financial middle platform, which enables highly efficient collaborative efforts between sales and finance. Digitized business analyses were made possible, optimizing resource allocation and capability of new value creation. The capital projection accuracy rate reached >95%. Cashflow was also significantly improved with the accelerated fund collection turnaround of 40 seconds.

Front-office: Business scenarios, agility, and service are the primary focus. Prompt response to operational needs by communicating with the back-end is also essential.

Middle-office: Professionalism, sharing, accessibility and enabling are the primary focus. The ultimate outcome is to provide an end-to-end eco-system that integrates business activities and finance, allowing data sharing and consolidated management.

Back-office: Decision-making and innovation are the primary focus. Facilitate real-time dynamic decision-making processes, projections and proactively initiating innovative projects through algorithm and modular infrastructure, in response to constantly changing business scenarios and feedback from the front-end.

Our innovative middle platform architecture adopts a new distribution structure. It enhances front-end services, while steadily advancing the back-end. The consolidation, collaborative and data-sharing approach allows reusable and general capabilities to be centralized to the middle platform, enabling flexible and on-demand resource allocation. As a result, the business is empowered with agility, innovation and velocity. Overall financial efficiency and condition can therefore be enhanced, supporting new value creation, and an integrated system that is compatible with various business scenarios.

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