Kingdee Cosmic Cloud - International Business Management

Global business management support by fulfilling local compliance, optimizing overseas user experience, and enabling efficient international operation for multi-national corporates.

Localized Service Experience with International Landscape

Kingdee has designed a series of international business management services to serve a wide range of cross-region company structures, business workflows, entity natures, transactions in multi-currencies, by streamlining the business data management process.We are committed to our clients’ success.We provide multi-lingual service support to ensure a seamless localized service experience that meets the best practice and compliance standards in the required regions.

Multi-lingual Service Support

Kingdee's standard products support multiple languages, enabling zero-code instant translation between numerous language pairs and customized content for the application.

Business Globalization Support

Capability of assembling multi-time zone, multi-currency, multi-organization and regional platforms empowers enterprises in globalizing the management model and business scale in light speed.

Local Execution

Sufficient pre-set data, including overseas addresses, names, mobile phone numbers and work calendars are included, powered by the highly agile configuration, provide enterprises with full support in fulfilling compliance for overseas operation.

Kingdee Cosmic Cloud - International Business Management Structure

Kingdee Cosmic Cloud - International Business Management (Product Details)

Multi-lingual Interface

Simplified Chinese, English and Traditional Chinese are the default languages, while multi-languages can be easily supported, as the design of the product has specifically taken international user experience into consideration. Simply use the built-in translation tool, and fully utilize the features in the customized languages required.

Address Management

Flexible configuration of overseas address formats, centralized storage of structured data, support for geocoding and map plug-ins, and swift retrieval of address data on third-party interfaces result in improved efficiency and quality of imported data.

Foreign Currency Exchange Rate

Low-code development supports advanced features such as multi-currency rate display, indirect exchange rate, and exchange rate control.

Localized Format

Comprehensive business data formats, covering numbers, dates, names, addresses, mobile phone numbers, and certificate numbers, providing user-friendly service experience and fulfilling data compliance.

Supports Multiple Time Zones

Global time zones pre-set in the system with automatic summer or winter time adjustments. Low-code time display features are easy to create, requiring minimum time. Users can easily switch between time zones in an instant.

Work Calendar

Manages various public holidays, work cycles and shifts across countries worldwide.


How does the application of Kingdee Cosmic Cloud support multiple languages?The infrastructure of Kingdee Cosmic Cloud is developed to support multiple languages by default.Kingdee Cosmic Cloud also provides the built-in open source translation tool to serve the multi-lingual needs of clients and business partners. The built-in translation tool allows clients and business partners to use the product in required languages. Translation between numerous language pairs has also made designing personalized service packs in customized languages possible.

Kingdee Cosmic Cloud supports global time zones (including summer or winter time adjustments), meeting local, cultural and linguistic standards.Overseas users may customize their interface by selecting their local time zone, preferred display format (date, time, number and amount, etc.), and default language for instant messaging.

Kingdee Cosmic Cloud offers a full range of service components that serve the needs for international operation. Through low-code or zero-code application, a simple solution is designed even for complicated business scenarios in an international business model.The international features include but not limited to: standardized foreign currency exchange rate widgets, address consolidation with high compatible agility, localized public holidays and calendar rules across regions worldwide, name widgets customized for various cultural and religious formats, mobile number widgets that support configuration of global carriers, and international identity verification. Additional out-of-the-box features, including localized verification rules and data sets are also available across various regions.

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