Kingdee ERP,Real Estate Solutions

The standardisation of the project based on cost, capital management and monitoring; The establishment of multi-project real estate business operations; Group project management platform to establish and implement strategic objectives and control operational risk.

Real Estate Solution Core Applications

Gateway for suppliers and coordination of the industry

Perform automated procurement for housing units and establish supplier databases; implement enterprise-level strategic procurement and joint procurement by dividing project units into different categories; it comprehensively helps companies avoid the problems of inadequate planning, randomness, bad results in tendering, lack of direction on target costs, inaccurate cost estimation, inadequate supervision, and difficulty in implementing performance appraisal mechanisms.

Unified project running system for high efficiency logistics management

Establish a high visibility supplier platform in project status and budget control, covering the entire project life cycle, providing analysis and trial calculations based on multiple decision-making factors such as prices, sales, gifts, costs, expenses, etc., enabling enterprises to quickly respond to market needs.

Break the boundary to closely link the housing enterprises and the customers

Connect with customers online to improve customer conversion rate for real estate companies; for home buyers, they can easily obtain project information and enjoy high-quality and efficient services.

Role Playing Solution for property sale

Communicate with potential customers in various commercial activities such as sales offices, demo rooms and other environments to prevent missing information and reduce inefficient communication.

VAT reform

Kingdee Real Estate Solutions has fully complied with the tax requirements of the "VAT Reform" (to replace the business tax with a value-added tax) and can accurately calculate the "VAT Reform" and apply it into actual business.

Solutions Advantages

Comprehensively Improve Procurement Process

Help to accumulate high-quality suppliers and establish a complete supplier evaluation system; unified coding system and basic data management norms to strengthen standardization in the management.

Develop Suppliers into Partners

Provide a hierarchical and classified supplier management library internally, and provide an online portal externally, so that suppliers can experience a transparent tendering process; on the other hand, able to provide different performance evaluation programs for different types of suppliers.

The Most Effective Online Marketing: Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Allow to target potential buyers, based on the massive number of WeChat users, relying on the recommendation and review of public accounts and friend moments.

Offline Transactions: Sales Management

Adopting role-based and scenario-based design concepts, combined with traditional ERP systems and mobile APP, IPAD and other applications.It provides closed-loop management for four core business elements: Cost, Price, Process, and Remittance; accelerates the selling rate for five core business processes: customer interaction, project promotion, customer follow-up, business specification, marketing analysis

Offline Service: Customer/Membership management

Two types of services are provided offline: customer service and membership management. Improve customer satisfaction and promptly respond to daily requests such as customer complaints, maintenance tasks, engineering maintenance, etc.

Online Service: My Home

Through the online app, provide convenient property services and shopping area services for residents, help to upgrade property services, create smart communities and lay a solid foundation for building new neighborhood relationships.

Meet the Tax Requirements: "VAT Reform"

Able to accurately calculate the "VAT Reform" and apply to the business.

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