Electronics industry solutions

Focus on management pain points, difficulties and development trends in the electronics industry, provide integrated solutions for research, production, supply and marketing, focus on the management and control of the entire value chain of products, and improve the operational efficiency and core competitiveness of enterprises

Business Challenges

Business decision-making is not supported by comprehensive information

The level of information application in enterprises is not high. Information cannot be shared between management systems, and 'information silos' are formed. The enterprise decision-makers and management cannot provide information systems to grasp the true situation and overall picture of enterprise business activities

It is difficult for manufacturing systems to guarantee on-time delivery to customers

Electronics enterprises have two production models for inventory preparation and order-oriented production. They lack effective planning systems and tools. It is difficult to plan manually. Orders are large and frequently changed. Tracking is difficult and can lead to delays in delivery

It is difficult for supply chain management to ensure timely and accurate materials

There are many types of materials used for electronic products, long procurement cycles for important components abroad, short delivery periods for customer orders, and it is relatively difficult to draw up reasonable material procurement plans

It is difficult for product management to adapt to product development and changes in demand

Frequent product updates and upgrades, frequent customer order changes, difficulties in product design change management, complicated version control

Digital transformation solutions for the electronics industry

The construction of enterprises’ technological R&D capabilities, supply chain integration and rapid response, the refinement of production, digitalisation and intelligent control, comprehensive quality control and tracing, and financial and cost control help electronics companies to innovate their businesses, optimise their business processes, and quickly increase their market competitiveness, supporting their rapid and profitable growth

Finance and cost management solutions

Build an efficient financial accounting capability that integrates business and finance and fulfils multi-organisational, international and multi-accounting policies. Connectivity with mobile applications, Golden Tax and banks enables efficient financial service delivery

Quality and traceability management solutions

Through granular control of the whole production process - from incoming materials inspections to manufacturing and delivery of the finished product - as well as comprehensive tracing of data used in the process, the quality management module provides support for the quality control of parts and components, quality improvements, after-sales repairs and efficient tracing queries for product recall

Production and operations management solutions

Focus on detailed planning and control, transparent production execution and comprehensive quality management, to assist electronics industry enterprises in controlling the entire process from order receipt, planning and production execution to after-sales and traceability

Supply chain management solutions

Provide visual global inventory management with bar codes as a carrier for improved data accuracy and real-time performance. Improve operator productivity, prevent errors during the process, and achieve quality tracing across the entire industry chain

R&D management solutions

Within the framework of modern schools of thought concerning R&D management, the management and support provided by quality management systems in the automotive parts industry should be wholly integrated to support the full lifecycle of automotive parts


Touchscreen reporting and electronic kanbans, enabling production and warehouse sites

Provide screen + manufacturing solutions to create timely reporting systems. Achieve the goal of 'transparent data, intelligent production

Establish a planning and control system to respond to changes in a timely manner

Create a production planning system and logistics system suitable for the electronics industry, and create a plan-driven, efficient and collaborative system that can respond quickly to market changes

The supply chain is coordinated and controlled precisely

Connect suppliers and customers, collect information from all parts of the supply chain, and achieve global control over the supply chain. Make adjustments according to timely feedback from each node to accurately control the supply chain

PLM+ERP+MES research, production, supply and marketing are integrated and highly responsive to external changes

Open enterprise data barriers through a PLM+ERP+MES integrated platform. Realise efficient coordination of the entire business chain of sales, R&D, procurement, production, etc., and respond to external changes in an agile manner

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