Kingdee Constellation - Marketing Cloud

Global marketing + digital collaborative management solution, linking e-commerce, retail, and channel distribution in all business scenarios.

We endeavor to build an efficient all-channel collaborative platform.

Kingdee Constellation – Marketing Cloud offers a comprehensive solution for enterprises seeking to transform their marketing efforts. By combining e-commerce, retail, and channel distribution scenarios, it allows for global marketing coverage. This solution enables precise marketing, channel management, operating collaboration, and online inventory tracking and performance assessment, helping enterprises in their digital transformations. Kingdee Constellation – Marketing Cloud makes it possible for enterprises to address their demands throughout the whole business chain from marketing to sales.

Digital Marketing Services

Integrated solutions of digital marketing + management - Let's make your business operation more agile.

Digitization & intellectualization

Integrated management model of marketing, sales, finance, and tax that ensures smoother business operation and cash flow.

Industry-specific Solutions for Retails - Sales personnel, products and retail points

Redefine elements of the retail industry: sales personnel, products and retail points, creating higher transparency of the sales and marketing channels.

Cloud-based Management Platform

PaaS + SaaS + innovative ecosystem enables more efficient business collaborations

Kingdee Constellation - Marketing Cloud Structure

Our goal is to help businesses thrive in the digital intelligence era through comprehensive marketing channels and effective cross-channel collaborations.

“B2B Industry Ecosystem Collaboration Platform We create a multi-channel business platform for marketing and sales, integrating finance and ecology for industry-wide sharing.”

  • “Channel Interconnectivity: Simplify your B2B digital transactions with our platform that manages all your channel information in one place, ensuring efficient collaborations between all channels.”
  • “Simplified Order Management Process: Our platform streamlines order management, centralizing all orders and providing real-time tracking.”
  • “Automated Marketing Process: Smart order processing, promotion matching, automatic stock replenishment, and streamlined order fulfilment.”
  • “Real-time Data Sharing: Real-time statuses of orders, funds, marketing, and inventory data are available to provide accurate, efficient, and user-friendly service experience.”

“Digital Order Center: Empowering businesses with a seamless connection to distributors and customers across all channels, using state-of-the-art digital tools.”

  • “Order Routing: The order routing feature collects inventory data from all channels to optimize trading routes and improve the efficiency of your business.”
  • “Smart Clearance: Businesses can enjoy a simplified and expedited process for settling goods and funds. Our platform provides clear and concise transaction data, significantly reducing time required for reaching settlements.”
  • “Order Fulfilment and Delivery: Intelligent prediction and management tools maintain perfect balance between inventory and sales across all channels. This ensures efficient order fulfilment and delivery, reducing costs for low turnover, while improving customer satisfaction.”
  • “Automated Promotions: We provide intelligent promotion matching for optimal promotion policies and precise management of channel customer funds.”
  • “Logistics Traceability Track the orders and manage inventory with transparency across all channels.”

“Channel Incentives: By providing enterprises with a sustainable promotion platform, purchasing power is fundamentally nurtured on a continuous basis.”

  • We activate short-term purchasing power by launching a combination of promotions and rebates.
  • Market Co-creation – Managing marketing expenses and providing subsidies to distributors through multi-level channels.
  • Rebate Management – Customized rebate settlement programs utilize multi-dimensional calculation methods to meet the specific needs of each business.
  • Closed-Loop Promotion Management System – Activate terminal operations and drive sales by creating a seamless promotional experience for customers, starting from developing awareness to the action of purchases.

Multi-Device Marketing Management – Synchronized marketing management network works across all devices, ensuring seamless sharing and efficient channel management.

  • Mobile Business Assistant for Distributors – Provide enterprises with a convenient and efficient way to process business transactions anytime, anywhere.
  • “Empowering Digital Sales Remove the constraints of traditional order placement. Real-time communication improves sales efficiency, allowing businesses to unleash their sales potential.”
  • “All-Device Connectivity We go beyond information silos to provide full visibility into inventory, orders, capital, logistics, and promotional policies.”

We help companies create a new generation of large-scale, digital service platforms through innovative retail management solutions.

  • Revolutionize your in-store checkout experience with our multi-scene retail POS terminals, designed to meet the billing needs of various business scenarios. Increase sales efficiency and streamline your store retail operation at ease.
  • Comprehensive promotional campaigns support both online and offline activities. Our customized plans are centrally formulated by headquarters or independently implemented by individual stores, providing flexibility and enabling businesses to reach their target audience effectively.
  • We support financial and tax integration for the retail industry, which provides enterprises with flexible and automatic processing of cost distribution, among gift vouchers, loyalty points, and promotional gifts, resulting in timely completion of gross profit analysis and financial process. This enables enterprises to efficiently manage their finances and taxes, while providing impeccable customer experience.
  • We offer a visual order tracking system that covers the entire network, enabling centralized and efficient processing of online and offline orders from any retail points. Our system includes shipping and delivery, logistics tracking, returns and exchanges, pre-sales and billing features.

Our end-to-end digital solution provides enterprises with an e-commerce-centric approach for operation management, covering order placements, processes, inventory management, payment and delivery options, and customer services.

  • Order, warehouse, and logistics full lifecycle fulfilment management.
  • Achieve centralized management of all-channel orders – online, offline, public, and private domains – with our smart order routing and real-time tracing capabilities.
  • Standardized management of inventory across all platforms, with matching inventory strategy that is compatible with any sales model.
  • Industry-proven, providing an smart e-commerce management solution with improved efficiency.

Centralized monitoring and management of data assets, powered with the all-channel member center.

  • Connect online and offline members across multiple industries, and support multi-channel member registration, and comprehensive profile management.
  • Easily manage member points across multiple channels – Issue and redeem points with a centralized system for improved efficiency and seamless integration.
  • Customized benefits to individual preferences, maximizing member retention with a compelling rule system.
  • Precise marketing across all platforms is made possible with our accurate member labelling, multi-industry data integration, and 360-degree member profile infrastructure.

Inter-beneficial procurement ecosystem powered by digitization creates new value for large-scale enterprises.

Bidding rank sales approach has helped Wens Foodstuff Group increase revenue by over RMB10 million in 20 days.

" Discover how Kingdee Constellation - Marketing Cloud helped Wens Foodstuff Group improve its operational efficiency by quickly sharing sales data between various departments. The bidding rank sales feature of Wens-Mall boosted its sales revenue by over 10 million in only 20 days."


Kingdee Constellation – Marketing Cloud helps enterprises build a full-channel business platform for marketing, customer experience, and B2B collaborative eco-system. Applications including CRM, channel management, e-commerce management, retail management, and member management support enterprises in improving their marketing capacity.

  • Kingdee Constellation – Marketing Cloud is built on a modular PaaS platform designed for enterprises, integrating artificial intelligence and big data analysis technologies. It is high-performing, reliable, scalable, integrable, and is capable of connecting channels. The powerful order centre allows for efficient collaboration between various channels, including vendors, agencies, retail points, sales force, and consumers. Full capacity and synergy between all parties are made possible through promotions, rebates, marketing budgets, gift vouchers and more effective offers, bringing enterprises sustainable growth in their competitiveness.

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