Kingdee Constellation EBC Platform - Human Resources (HR) Cloud

Combine the strengths between Huawei’s practical implementation and Kingdee’s product infrastructure
to create a world-class human resources management platform.

Elevating HR Management with 8 Innovative Aspects

Partnering with Huawei, a leading enterprise among the top 500 globally, we co-develop and introduce a cutting-edge digital solution for human resources management. Our solution covers critical areas, including organizational structure, human resources, and talent sourcing. It enables effective corporate structure, appropriate budgeting, organizational efficiency, workforce supply, personnel support, and talent development, laying a robust foundation for a resilient corporate structure in long run.

Kingdee Constellation - HR Cloud Structure

Strengthening enterprise resilience by unleash the full HR potential

Foster the transparent organizational management model with Kingdee Constellation – HR Cloud, and ensure a sustainable and self-evolving business model.

Our digital organizational management platform offers flexibility and adaptability, empowering enterprises to construct various forms of organizations as needed. Capable of support a wide variety of organizational structures, all the way from administrative division to project-based teams and virtual workgroups. Globally accessible, our platform allows variations customized to individual regions and job positions, fundamentally supporting enterprises in their future planning.
  • Multi-form organizational system
  • Streamlined full process for organizational changes
  • Multi-format reporting system for organizations and job positions
  • Multi-position system
  • Multi-format reporting system for organizations and job positions

Lay the foundation for your HR digital transformation with our 100% online personnel management system

Our comprehensive HR management system covers every stage of the employee life cycle, including onboarding, employment contracts, probation and engagement, deployment, secondment, resignation, retirement, and reemployment. Our platform also supports management of various employment formats, ensuring flexibility and agility. The HR solution is globally accessible, highly customized to meet region-specific labour laws and compliance.
  • Global staff profiling system
  • Staff personal information management
  • E-signing employment contracts
  • Cross-border personnel deployment
  • Road map for newly onboard members
  • HR data collection and analyses

Digitize manpower management with smart tracking on attendance and leaves

“Support convenient scheduling for various types of employees in global multi-format enterprises, such as stores, factories, and workshops, flexible calculation of leave, overtime, quotas, and intelligent service platforms for multi-dimensional compliance control Empower your global enterprise with our advanced rostering solutions that cater to diverse types of employee across stores, factories, and other work locations. Our flexible system accurately calculates leaves, overtime, and manpower capacity, while our smart service platform ensures multi-dimensional compliance control.”
  • Global manpower strategy management
  • Adaptable work schedules for multiple scenarios
  • Visible, easy and adjustable rostering
  • Plug-and-play accounting with robust scalability
  • Supports data of attendance and leaves of thousands of employees

Build a global payroll system with a standardized accounting model

Our salary accounting and distribution services support global companies with complex needs across multiple regions. The fully digitized process enables seamless coordination between front-end and back-end systems, managing payroll in a highly efficient and accurate way.
  • Capacity of global payroll management
  • Front-end business data automation and integration
  • 360-degree payroll and risk management
  • Integrated management on corporate payroll and finance
  • PA big data-supported optimized user experience
  • Secure self-service payroll system
  • Flexible distributed accounting engine

Global individual tax profile management

Our solution supports enterprises in efficiently managing staff tax profiles, calculating salary tax and tax return filing worldwide. The easy-to-use platform provides employees with the necessary information to fulfil their tax obligations, while ensuring compliance with tax laws for enterprises.
  • Tax service design customized to multi-jurisdictions
  • Global individual tax profile management
  • Highly secure privacy protection
  • Full capacity in Chinese tax system
  • Individual tax assist service and RPA automation
  • Legal reporting procedures of individual tax

Realize your HR potential and drive business transformation with unbeatable advantages


Kingdee Constellation – HR Cloud may be a new product.But Kingdee is a well-established player in the HR industry with over 23 years of experience. Our fourth-generation HR product, Kingdee Constellation – HR Cloud, is the crystalized result of our accumulative practical experience from serving over 4,000 enterprises across twenty different industries.We have a proven track record of providing quality services to numerous Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders.

Kingdee Constellation – HR Cloud combines Huawei’s excellent implementation of HR management and Kingdee’s profound experience in HR SaaS. Our product is designed to create flexible and agile organizational structures for large enterprises like Huawei by using the enterprise-level PaaS platform, Kingdee Cosmic Cloud. Our powerful performance enables Kingdee Constellation – HR Cloud to efficiently process HR matters for enterprises with over 100,000 employees. What sets us apart is our unique approach – while other products are designed from the perspective of the HR department, Kingdee Constellation – HR Cloud starts from thinking through all the business scenarios, allowing enterprises to integrate human resources to other aspects of the business operation. With the top-level design concepts and better product performance, Kingdee Constellation – HR Cloud addresses enterprises’ needs in HR management in the digital era.

Kingdee Constellation – HR Cloud offers a range of applications, including Organizational Development Cloud, Core HR Cloud, Remuneration Cloud, Individual Income Tax and Social Security Cloud, Attendance Management Cloud, and HR Middle-end Service Cloud. These applications are designed to address the major challenges faced by large-scale Chinese enterprises in HR management. They are supported by Huawei’s globally acclaimed HR management model, which provides enterprises with the essential tools for their global expansion. More services, including Talent Supply Cloud, Talent Development Cloud, and KPI Cloud are expected to be launched in 2023.

EBC stands for Enterprise Business Capability. Initially proposed by the globally renowned IT research institution Gartner, and jointly executed and promoted with Kingdee, EBC is a modular business capability, and is defined as the fourth generation of corporate management transformation, following MRP, MRP II, and ERP. EBC includes five platforms of major functions: Customer Connect, Ecosystem Connect, Business Connect, Staff Connect, and Data Force. Kingdee Cloud is an EBC composed of SaaS, including Cloud Constellation, Cloud Galaxy, and Cloud Stellar.

The comprehensive offering provides enterprises with a step-by-step structure for optimal management.

In today’s unpredictable world, modular business allows agility within an organization.The CIO is required to identify each component of the business, and construct a modular system that is easy to assemble and dissemble, making future adjustments, adaptation and reconstruction easy and flexible.In the case one of the components fails to work, it can still be disassembled and replaced with a new one promptly.As a result, the business becomes highly agile in response to crises and opportunities.

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