Kingdee Cloud Cosmic Process Automation Service

Consists of ‘one core and six centres’, with the workflow engine serving as the core, and the functions of the six centres – the process design centre, management centre, monitoring centre, configuration centre, messaging centre and help centre – facilitating the smooth flow of enterprise management.

Kingdee Cloud Cosmic Process Automation Service

Multi-state Process Application Scenarios

Supports the initiation of free flow with configuration information, full free flow, multi-level pre- and post-approval nodes, and multi-state application scenarios for enterprise processes, with just the right blend of elements.

Process Life Cycle Management

Graphical process definition, fast guided generation of approval streams up to the tenth level; multi-angle process management, comprehensive process monitoring; with deep integration of Cloud-Hub, it works precisely to find people and provides PC and mobile integrated process management.

Enterprise-grade Joint Process Control Plan

Provides dynamic process configuration, strengthens process management practices, and enables process sharing between headquarters and branches. Supports real-time synchronisation of processes used by multiple organisations.

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