SCM System - Supply Chain Cloud: Kingdee Constellation

By creating symbiotic relationships in business, smart operation models, and shared middleware, we support enterprises in transforming from the traditional singular business model to the digitized symbiotic ecosystem.

Create a leading digital operating platform for supply chain management within a collaborative ecosystem.

Kingdee Constellation – SCM System is designed to establish a digital business ecosystem for medium to large enterprises through an ecological collaboration approach. The product concept of “Smart Operation for Symbiotic Relations in Commerce” enables the advancement of traditional software for procurement management, sales management, and stock management systems by storing data in a procurement cloud, supply chain cloud, and omnichannel marketing cloud. Our solution provides customers, partners, and employees with a comprehensive digital platform for full management capacity.
Symbiotic Relations in Commerce

Revitalize customer relationships by enabling active involvement in the value creation, research and development, and production processes; foster strong partnerships and maintain close cooperation with partners in the vertical market; and remove business territorial boundaries for enhanced synergy within the industry clusters.

Agile Response

By utilizing the atomic and reusable components provided by the supply chain middleware, enterprises can develop personalized applications efficiently, enabling agile responses to the ever-changing business environment. This approach empowers enterprises to build flexible and scalable solutions that cater to their individual needs while reducing development costs and optimizing overall efficiency.

Smart Operation

We elevate the operational capabilities of enterprises with the high-performance big data processing platform, coupled with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

Kingdee Constellation - Supply Chain Cloud Structure

Build an efficient and collaborative SCM system

Enable end-to-end business collaboration through our supply chain ecosystem.

We offer a comprehensive system for internal supply chain operation through standard applications, covering procurement, production, sales, and stock management. Vertical market support includes tracing, supplier management, procurement, sales, omnichannel marketing, e-commerce operation, and pre-built malls, enabling end-to-end collaboration and providing comprehensive protection for supply chain stability.

  • Our new-generation digital procurement management platform utilizes precise analysis and scientific forecast, allowingefficient collaboration within the vertical market. As a result, supply interruptions are avoided, ensuring continuous and stable business operations.
  • Create a customer-centric omni-channelsales system powered by accurate sales forecasts and production planning to allocate resources efficiently. Supply chain operation is optimized by quickly responding to market uncertainties and meeting customers’ demands.
  • The comprehensive inventory solution provides full-process barcode management and interactswith logistics, transportation, and exports. Warehousing and transportation are therefore improved, ensuring streamlined operational procedures and timely delivery of goods.
  • Utilize the demand management plan (MRP) as the central force to drive the supply chain, facilitating collaborations between production, sales, suppliers,and other production organizations.
  • Light mobile application removes time and spatial barriers, helping managethe supply chain anytime and anywhere.

The supply chain middleware provides atomic and reusable components that enable enterprises to assemble personalized applications quickly and respond to the ever-changing business environment with high agility.

The service-reusable and customer-expandable features fully serve the needs of enterprise clients and their business partners within the symbiotic ecosystem.

  • The SCM systemsupports users in assembling standard applications, ecological applications, customized applications, and integrating heterogeneous systems.
  • The inventory storage center helps enterprises build storage middleware by integrating inventory data, resulting in improved turnover rates and reduced operating costs.
  • The inter-organizational clearance improves theinternal efficiency of company groups that involve multiple organizations, factories, and locations.
  • Easily achieve personalized management requirements for enterprises through configuration, enabling quick adaptation to business changes. Development costs can be significantly reduced, and core product features are guaranteed.

Achieve seamless financial and taxation services integration with a highly efficient collaborative model, providing real-time and accurate analytical values.

Our unified Cosmic Cloud PaaS platform integrates business, finance, and tax operations, creating a seamless one-stop solution for enterprises. The platform fully integrates finance and tax with procurement, sales, and production, improving efficiency and fulfilling compliance. The digital and smart features optimize productivity for enterprises.

  • We offer a comprehensive end-to-end solution covering procurement, sales, production, outsourcing, and finance. OurSCM system platform automates the retrieval of business data necessary for financial accounting and completes the accounting process automatically, reducing errors caused by manual accounting. This streamlines the financial operation and releases resources for strategic business activities.
  • Comprehensive digital solutions for data extraction, invoice verification, compliant archiving, and invoice management. Our platform also provides tax calculation for transactions, ensuring end-to-end business management.
  • Integrated business and financial capabilities streamline the financial processing procedures. Internal risks can be minimized while compliance is optimized, resulting in improved financial efficiency and stability.
  • The integrated platform is designed to support enterprises in an uncertain business environment. Timely financial support and management promoterapid business development and support front-end financial management upgrades.

Smart Operation

Kingdee Constellation – SCM System leverages cutting-edge digital technology and advanced data services available on our Cosmic Cloud PaaS platform to provide smart operational services to our customers. These services include smart sales forecasts, sales trend analysis, and swift reporting platforms. We utilize smart data processing and visualization analysis to enable data-driven, fully connected, fluid, and smart decision-making features tailored to meet the needs of each individual customer.

  • Our platform provides comprehensive data analysis reports covering gross profit, customers, on-time delivery rate, and inventory age, enabling businesses to make informed decisions. These reports are generated based on business data analysis, providing a solid foundation for enterprises to improve their operational efficiency and profitability.
  • The timely reporting platform allows for quick configuration of data blocks and sources to meet the ever-changing needs of enterprises. AlgoX technology enhances theprocessing capacity of massive data, empowering our clients to analyze and interpret data more efficiently and make wiser decisions.
  • Advanced risk prevention and alert enabled by credit control and contract chaining, resulting in enhanced supply chain capacity.

Address any challenges in supply chain management with our future-proof solution

Increase inventory turnover by 10~30%.

Leveraging Kingdee Constellation Cloud's stability, reliability, and ease of maintenance, Hisense Group releases their IT personnel from a heavy mundane workload and reinvests their valuable manpower into high-value services and IT restructuring.


Kingdee Constellation – Supply Chain Cloud is built on the modular enterprise-level PaaS platform, Kingdee Cosmic Cloud, which incorporates artificial intelligence, IoT, and cloud-native technologies combined with Kingdee’s profound experience in digital SCM system services. This enables enterprises to build a collaborative eco-platform. Cosmic Cloud also allows Kingdee Constellation – Supply Chain Cloud to handle large-scale transactions efficiently. In addition, Kingdee Constellation – Supply Chain Cloud has built a market-leading supply chain middleware by abstracting and modularizing its capabilities and services, achieving feature reuse, high scalability, and modular capabilities. As a result, the supply chain becomes highly resilient against uncertainties in the market. Validated and verified by large-scale enterprises such as Haier, China Tobacco, Hesteel Group, SF Express, and Wens Foodstuff Group, Kingdee is your proven go-to solution for the digital transformation of your stock management system and more.

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