Kingdee Cloud Constellation Tax Cloud Service

Proprietary “software + service” concept designed to support enterprises in developing a highly precise digitized controller system that meets the regulatory compliance, covering full-range tax management services by integrating the ledger records of business activities, finance, tax, invoices, data and documentation.

Kingdee Constellation - Tax Cloud

By addressing multiple common pain points of corporates: difficulties in collecting tax-related data, complicated tax returns filing process, lack of control over tax risk monitoring and management, lack of data transparency, and lack of an efficient tax analysis model or suitable tools, Kingdee Cloud Constellation Tax Cloud Service optimizes the overall productivity and efficiency of the tax team, while supporting enterprises in meeting the regulatory compliance.

Smart Tax Calculation

Pre-configured filing engine provides content management and maintenance services, supporting over 5,000 tax scenarios applicable to over 2,000 corporate types. Over 100 tax filing formats are automated and available for use.

One-click Tax Return

Activate Enterprise Tax Connect, the direct tax panel, for one-click declaration, one-click payment, easy management of tax certifications and monitoring of tax declaration tasks. Get an instant overview of the corporate tax status, eliminating potential late filing or omission.

Tax Centralization

Tax work is divided into measurable tasks, while documents and tax filing are centralized for standardized management. Combined with tax knowledge management, tax file archiving and other functions, the tax management process becomes further streamlined, improving the overall quality and efficiency.

Risk Monitoring & Management

Invoice verification, automatic account reconciliation, built-in tri-gold verification in the declaration form, combined with risk alert and contingency features, allow a comprehensive risk monitoring and management system throughout the entire billing process, blind spot-free.

Create a smart tax service platform that integrates the ledger records of business activities, finance, tax, invoices, data and documentation.

Kingdee Cloud Constellation Tax Cloud Service provides enterprises with access to real-time tax-related data, pre-set risk management model, integrated records of business activities, finance, tax, invoices, data and documentation.. As a result, tax return filing status is instantly updated and synchronized, ensuring a seamless, precise, automated and effortless tax return filing process.

Key Business Scenarios

Kingdee Cloud · Constellation Cloud helps large enterprises to digitally transform their tax management

Successfully supported 500+ companies in tax automation, improving efficiency by 94% in average.

By utilizing Kingdee Cloud Constellation, ENN Group has successfully centralized tax data for 1000+ subsidiary companies and automated tax calculation for 500+ companies within the Group, improving the efficiency of tax filing by 94% in average.


“Digi-taxation” refers to the transformed smart model for managing tax in the current era of digitized economy.In March 2021, the State Council published “the Opinions on Further Deepening the Reform of Tax Collection and Administration”, in which a transformation from “paper taxation” to “digi-taxation” was proposed.From the tax industry’s perspective, this transformational upgrade has a direct impact on taxpayers’ capacity of managing taxation. When data transparency is only one-way and not cross checked, data discrepancy or inconsistency may result in legal liabilities and negative consequences.Therefore, a quality enterprise solution for tax transformation is a must!

In the past, corporates often started reviewing, organizing invoices, and filing for tax returns only after business activities and payments were complete. This traditional model resulted in overwhelmingly heavy workload closer to the end of each month, and challenges in monitoring and managing the risks incurred from paper tax management method. Business development of enterprises were often hindered as a result.In recent years, the tax system has been gradually reformed. Following OCR identification technology, direct interfaces between enterprises and tax bureau, or that between enterprises and banks, have been made possible. The increasing popularity of e-documentation has also made billing data collection, tax data, data of business activities, financial data, data of account payable and receivable, audit and documentation more accessible. Kingdee Cloud Constellation has created the inter-connection between various parties, including the tax bureau and banks, enabling online ledger verification. Numerous corporate groups have successfully achieved ledger record integration of business activities, finance, tax, invoices, data and documentation, supported by Kingdee Cloud Constellation.

One of the advantages of consulting firms is their standardized methodology to support enterprises in facilitating their digital transformation through a certain formulated route. However, enterprises, especially large-scale enterprises, all have their own unique management culture. Changing any procedures within a large enterprise can be very challenging. Whether or not the solutions proposed by the consulting firms can be actualized is often uncertain.Kingdee Cloud Constellation, however, provides consulting sessions and thorough assessment for a detailed digitization plan.It also enables invoice and VAT management, ledger record integration of business activities, finance and tax, offering full range of tax services, including tax return filing and management services, risk management, and tax savings, allowing enterprises to complete the digitization process seamlessly, steadily, and smoothly in phases.

Internal control and risk control run through the whole process of business management, and require a complete control system, including: how to avoid risks before the event, how to manage and control risks during the event, and how to tackle risks after the event. All should be done before the system is installed, even if the system is not perfect yet. The experience and pain points can be used for a better system infrastructure, reducing unnecessary extra efforts. A purpose-built system will help get twice the result with only half the effort.Even if you did not assess and manage the risk, and have not been clear about the possible outcome, you can always revisit the assessment during or even after the actual system infrastructure. By doing so, the system can then be built with more agility and higher adaptability. Kingdee Constellation Tax Cloud Service is designed for corporate management needs. Through EBC, known as the compatibility with further extensions, some basic functions can be set up in the initial phase, such as invoicing, tax calculation and tax return filing. Adding risk monitoring and management over time based on actual needs can be included in the later phase of the transformation plan.

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