Kingdee Cloud Cosmic RPA Service

Provide safe, reliable and stable virtual digital employee productivity based on artificial intelligence and automation technology

Why choose Kingdee Cloud Cosmic RPA Service

Kingdee Cloud Cosmic RPA service based on AI artificial intelligence and automation technology, according to the preset business process, while retaining the original system functions, can automate and intelligently simulate the manual processing business process, and realize 24/7 uninterrupted automatic computing, Data storage and business operations to provide enterprises with safe, reliable and stable virtual digital workforce productivity.

Reduce labor costs and unleash employee potential

Automation of manual tasks, lightweight operation and maintenance, and management; liberate productivity and enhance the strategic value of employees.

Out of the box, fast delivery

Universal robot, no need for user design; quickly build an automated process, saving time and money.

Drive process optimization and reduce error rates

Standardized process execution to improve execution efficiency; avoid errors caused by manual operations and prevent non-compliant and illegal business operations.

Product Features

Robot Designer

Use a highly visual, low-code process design platform for process design, development and debugging, and use the python programming language to improve product usability, expandability and editing efficiency, and take into account both beginners and professional technicians. Agile and efficient design and construction automated process.

Robot control platform (Center)

Manage robot employees in a safe and orderly manner, centrally schedule, manage and monitor all robots and processes, including robot cluster management, process task distribution, timing planning, etc., to improve robot utilization.


The automated labor force that meets multiple scenarios is responsible for executing the process set by the design platform. There are two operating modes – attended and unattended:

  • Unattended – no manual intervention, background work, automated tasks can be efficiently executed 7×24 hours through scheduling.
  • Attended – flexibly triggered according to actual business needs, pay more attention to the interaction with business personnel, provide auxiliary support through manual operation, and efficiently assist people to complete tasks.

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