Shopping mall solution

Uniform information on commercial property, management information system for the business firms in business solicitation, leasing, customer service, property management, and financial management. Commercial property operation solution, management information system for the business firms in business solicitation, leasing, customer service, property management, and financial management. The system can be integrated with the video surveillance system, smart vehicle management, face identification for customer flow analysis to realize integrated information management.

Shopping Mall Solution Core Applications

Business solicitation management

Enterprises can base on the positioning of the commercial property to solicit business from key customers/shops under proper orientation. With the use of digital mobile office, the personnel involved in solicitation can be free from the constraints of telephone, computer, paper and pens and introduce to the customers the project, record down customer information, liaise with customers and follow up with customers at any time.

Leasing management

The simultaneous management of lease contract and customers can be realized, including the management of potential customers, establishment of lease contract, collection of rent, reminder of contract renewal and expiration of contract. The administrator can keep abreast of leasing information with the analysis of vacancy rate report.

Property management

Satisfy with the needs of property management segment in the management of construction work, equipment, security and safety, and fire safety. The integration of the property management system and the supply chain procurement system helps to realize group procurement. The system is integrated with the financial management system and the business system and bundled with mobile phone for automation of the assignment of customer service duties.

Customer service management

With the effective task management and task reminder function, the system helps to upgrade the time and efficiency of response to service call of the lessees for follow up with the problem. This enables the enterprises to integrate different resources, accelerate information flow, and enhance work efficiency.

Statistical analysis

Intelligent analysis model is available for the commercial property firms to use intelligent analysis model directly for the monitoring and control of property, including property leasing analysis, asset analysis, capital analysis, customer analysis, cash flow analysis, performance analysis, property management, and complaint analysis.

Financial management

Unified business and financial management based on business contracts for buying and selling with corresponding account payable and account receivable generated in the system where relevant accounts will be settled by collection or payment. Business documents and financial documents will also be generated for cross-reference and audit.

Promotion Activity

Assist the marketing segment from preparation, planning, management, analysis and review of the promotion result and the profit. This is a breakthrough from the constraint of offline promotion in the conventional mode and helps to realize marketing promotion in the new era.

Special offer management

Attract different groups of fans to membership consumption through online and offline combination. A breakthrough from the conventional concept of special offer by integrating the offer online and offline that gives a brand new concept of special offer.

Community CRM

Transform CRM into a network community with the amalgamation of online community element. The property dealers can launch their marketing plan more accurately through the analysis of the consumers with the wealth of information on consumers available.

Link to the web

Link to the Internet to attract the Internet population (WeChat, cell phone App, facebook). This helps to remove the geographic constraint and attract fans as members. The dealers can make use of the Internet to created new brands.

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