Kingdee Constellation - Office Anywhere (OA) Cloud

Kingdee Constellation – OA Cloud is designed to work seamlessly with Kingdee ERP, allowing for streamlined collaboration and optimal mobile experience within the enterprise.

ERP Meets Mobile: Elevating Efficiency for Enterprises

Collaborate seamlessly with Kingdee Constellation – OA Cloud. The solution integrates with the enterprise ERP system to enable multi-terminal collaboration, in order to optimize operational and decision-making efficiency of enterprises.

Consolidated and Centralized Applications

Securely and intelligently connect people, information, and sales force to streamline workflow and facilitate seamless collaborations between departments.

Business Mobilization

Efficient collaboration anytime, anywhere, with synchronized delivery across multiple platforms.

Platform Eco-system

Create a connected business ecosystem for enterprises, enabling seamless integration of enterprise data throughout the reporting line, and optimizing collaborative synergy within the enterprise eco-system.

Personalized Experience

Personalize your portal page and improve efficiency of information dissemination to meet your business needs. Numerous features, including the Knowledge Center, support multi-level permission and access, ensuring data classification and security.

Third-Party Recognition

Having acquired the highest number of users among other service providers, Kingdee Constellation - OA Cloud dominated the mobile office market (large and medium-sized enterprises) for three consecutive years starting from 2015.
Consistently ranked as the top SaaS collaborative software in the Chinese market since 2018.
Kingdee Constellation - OA Cloud represented the industry leader in the "China's OA Cloud Vendor for Enterprises 2021" report published by IDC.

Streamlined Business + Team Management Solution

Experience a new level of efficiency by linking collaborative features and contents to ERP business scenarios. Our integrated solution creates a seamless collaboration experience and enhances the overall efficiency of your organization’s internal and external systems.

Smart-tech Value-driven Procurement - Guaranteed Transparency

Integrable Configuration to ERP System

Kingdee Constellation – OA Cloud integrates cloud-native architecture, improving the efficiency of the interoperability between various enterprise systems. The product-level integration of the cloud services simplifies workflow, providing a cost, time and quality-efficient solution. It covers payment review, procurement, and purchase requisitions. Eliminate time-consuming, repetitive, inaccurate, disorderly processes and preventable errors, starting from today!
  • In-depth Data Integration
  • In-depth Process Integration
  • Multiple Data Source Connection
  • Alert from the Monitoring System

Singular Collaborative Portal

The collaborative portal seamlessly synchronizes across web, desktop, and mobile devices, integrating multiple business systems, including ERP, information, and document management. Serving as a unified singular gateway for collaborations, a full-cycle closed loop of the intranet system is developed, including various groups, pending tasks, and reports. Enjoy all uninterrupted office features on one interface, without having to switch between multiple modules.
  • Unified Portal
  • Multi-end Login Portal
  • Full-cycle Business Closed Loop Control

Easy-to-use Mobile Approval for Efficient Collaborations

Business approvals can be done anytime and anywhere. All-in-one features include: one-click reminders and group discussions; multiple rules, conditions, branches, roles, and methods are supported; visualized process and user interface; interconnection with any third-party; process publishing through blockchain for seamless collaborations within the vertical market.
  • Simplified Approval Process
  • Visualized Process Design
  • Data Interconnection

Smart Mobile Attendance Device

Powered with the smart check-in feature and card replenishment system, real-time attendance records can be easily tracked. Flexible schedules and automatic monthly statistic reports are available. The smart analysis feature auto-detects abnormal check-ins, supports batch processing and template application. The automated time-off management feature calculates the net time-off balance of each employee, making it easy to manage manpower.
  • Mobile Attendance Record
  • Smart Data Analysis
  • Smart Rostering

An exclusive knowledge base for enterprises

The Knowledge Center integrates knowledge data from various enterprise systems into a clear tree structure that outlines the relationships between directories. This ensures that knowledge documents are published real-time in an orderly, coherent and organized manner, facilitating efficient communication throughout the organization. Specialists are designated to manage specific directories and control information visibility, ensuring data security.
  • Centralized Management
  • Shared Collaborations
  • Access Permission

Time management at your fingertips

Maximize your productivity with Time Assistant. Stay on top of your work schedule and effortlessly manage your meetings. Quickly resolve meeting conflicts with a clear overview of everyone’s availability. Receive timely reminders via multiple channels and review summaries of your schedule and meetings. Time Assistant even identifies important messages from instant messaging platforms, ensuring that you never miss a crucial task.
  • Time Coordination
  • Schedule Reminder
  • Schedule Summary

Your trusted mobile office expert for efficient collaboration in all business scenarios

Integrate with ERP and create a standardized collaborative platform for all staff

Discover how Huawei implemented a smart office platform through Kingdee Constellation, that supports over 1,000 users, and seamlessly integrates with their ERP system. As a result, they have achieved a remarkable completion rate of 98.33% for over 44,000 business approval requests.


Kingdee Constellation – OA Cloud differs from traditional OA solutions in its integration between various business aspects, collaborative portals, collaborative applications and the EBC interface.Its collaborative components are lightweight packages of Cloud Hub that can be referenced in all Kingdee EBC products.The product design and development of Kingdee Constellation – OA Cloud fully integrate concepts and technologies such as mobility, big data, and intelligence to provide a better user experience and higher mobility capabilities.The portal engine customization capability is also strengthened, and the three-end portals are unified to bring a consistent management + collaborative integration experience.

Kingdee Collaborative Office Cloud integrates with ERP by revolving around ERP documents, using collaborative components to initiate group communications, meeting coordination, document sharing, and daily journal recording. The interactive format is similar to popular social media platforms, making it easy for all parties to communicate and collaborate.

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