Financial Management System

Digital and intelligence transformation drives higher values across various industries. Escalating innovation intelligence in financial management provides enterprises with clear insight and solutions for future development.

Financial Management Challenges

Digital "New Finance" System Management and Control

Corporate financial consolidation, budget management, performance, capital, and other aspects will have related changes in the digital age. Financial management and control are facing a redefinition.

Challenges of Technology Empowerment

New technologies such as AI robots, mobile applications, big data, and cloud computing have brought about recent changes to the operation and management of enterprises. How can financial management systems unleash the potential of new technologies to create greater value?

The Challenge of Diverse Accounting

Financial management faces new demands in the Internet era, such as cost refinement under multiple varieties and small batches, small profit center calculations, flexible adaptation of multinational accounting tax systems, and internal transactions under complex scenario management.

Pressure from Repetitive Standardized Work

New technologies such as AI robots, mobile applications, big data, and cloud computing have brought about recent changes to the operation and management of enterprises. How can financial management solutions use new technologies to create greater value?

Financial Requirements

Analysis and Forecast

Accurate business forecast and profit calculation


Upgrading business value with data


Real-time synchronization of finance and business

Smart Sharing

Intelligent financial shared service modes


Intelligent financial information processing and conversion

Features of Our Financial Management System

Kingdee Cloud Financial System continually innovates and integrates new technologies to redefine accounting and financial management. This provides a more valuable and market-oriented financial service by optimizing the structure of the financial department, standardizing the financial process, integrating internal and external financial resources, and helping financial personnel adapt to digital change.

Globalized Group Finance & Consolidated Statement

Globalized Group Finance & Consolidated Statement

Our financial management system supports multinational corporate groups, adapts to accounting policies in multiple regions, creates financial sharing services through numerous accounting books, and integrates with companies' business systems. It also facilitates financial transformations, allows service-oriented accounting, and enables automation and usage of one platform to manage and control finances in multiple countries and regions.

Smart Finances and Mobile App

Smart Finances and Mobile App

OCR, RPA, AI, Standard API, and other technologies enable automatic operations, identifications, authentications, reviews, system interconnections, and other capabilities. It also provides enterprises with a standardized, efficient, and controllable common platform, reducing costs and ensuring regulatory compliance by companies. All of this gives the management and work team more time to focus on analysis and decision-making. With mobile platforms, employees are no longer confined to working on computers and can complete all kinds of tasks on their mobile devices and remotely monitor operational statuses anytime, anywhere.

Tax Management

Tax Management

Kingdee Invoice Cloud fully connects with phase three of the Golden Tax system, which covers all industries and all invoice and tax categories. It provides a one-stop invoice management service from start to finish, including everything from invoice issuance to receipt and e-filing. It helps corporations achieve paperless invoicing, intelligent finance regarding taxes, and corporate financial management in the digital era. Apart from VAT invoices, Kingdee’s Financial Cloud System is also compatible with automatic tax calculations, tax declarations, risk management, and risk warnings for different types of tax. These include land VATs, consumption taxes, stamp taxes, vehicle and shipping taxes, environmental protection taxes, and corporate income taxes. It also supports tax management overseas.

Global Treasury Management

Global Treasury Management

Our financial open platform can lessen organizations’ burdens on internal management and procedure systems as we integrate financial and risk control. We leverage integrated and standardized data administration to ensure early warning and real-time analysis of business risks. Providing companies with investment and financing management systems and directly connecting companies with different banks enables the integration of industry with finance and global capital pools so that enterprises can achieve their capital dynamics in real time and reduce their capital risks and financing costs in light of their capital budget. The system further offers capital forecasts and capital analysis reports, providing the management team with capital insight analysis.

Budget Management and Planning

Budget Management and Planning

Through a real-time budget monitoring system, enterprises can implement their strategies, explain optimal resource allocation, reduce uncertainty risks in company operations, and enhance economic benefits. Businesses can use the budget to allocate, assess, and control various financial and non-financial resources assigned to every department. This allows enterprises to effectively organize and coordinate operational activities, ultimately achieving their business goals.

Finance and Cost Segregation Management

Finance and Cost Segregation Management

Through a revenue and expense segregation function, businesses can implement automatic multi-company, multi-profit-center/multi-cost-center, multi-dimensional, multi-factor, multi-scheme, and multi-level apportioning. By doing this, you can reduce employees' workload and improve accuracy so enterprises can formulate multi-dimensional profit analysis reports and easily understand and predict the business capabilities of employees, products, projects, and operations.

Application Blueprint

Kingdee Financial Management System combines AI technology to achieve simple finance with financial robots. The robot runs through the entire financial process. It promotes the application of intelligent finance from three aspects: perception ability, computing ability, and cognitive ability. It can always respond to the needs of corporate financial scenarios in the cloud-native environment, significantly improve the efficiency of corporate finance in various scenarios, and reinvest productivity in corporate finance and personal finance during the value creation process.

Video about Financial Management System

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software that can automatically handle various standard and monotonous business processes, thus helping companies achieve their intelligent financial transformation and giving personnel time to invest in more beneficial projects.

Success Stories of Financial Management System

Mengniu: Industry-Finance Integration of the Globalized Blueprint

Mengniu Group’s fund management experience has changed from the initial decentralized management in 2003 to the global sharing of intelligent management today. Kingdee EAS has participated in and promoted the informatization construction of the global capital-sharing platform of Mengniu Dairy Group.

Chow Tai Fook: A Sharing Mode of Industry-Finance-Tax Integration for One of the Thousand Large Groups

Regarding tax data sharing, the Kingdee EAS system closely monitors the enterprise’s financial, risk, and internal control management. The system is applied for VAT (value-added tax) calculations and accounting vouchers. It automatically generates…

China Merchants Group: Multi-Level Shared Centers for a Digital China Merchants Group

In the era of financial intelligence, we aim to build a new financial information management system under the Internet model, which will fully facilitate the transformation of financial management.

Nan Fung Group: In Pursuit of Innovation to Achieve Transformation and Upgrade

After adopting the comprehensive Kingdee system, the process automation has improved, and the financial management has also been perfected with more transparency!

Kingdee IFRS 16 Solution

Our financial management system complies with the IFRS 16 lease accounting standard to improve the efficiency of lease management by streamlining and automating the processes.

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