Kingdee and Jebsen team up to increase values for the century-old store

Kingdee and Jebsen team up to increase values for the century-old store

All employees’ information has been stored in Kingdee HRM system which allows us to get insights from system information, so as to find out the factors regarding staff promotion or resignation. Through system analysis, we can improve the turnover situation and promotion opportunities.
——Brian Chan, Chief Information Officer of Jebsen Group

Jebsen & Co was founded in Hong Kong on March 1, 1895. Jacob Jebsen and Heinrich Jessen, the founders, named their foreign company “Jebsen & Co”. After more than a century of experience in commerce, Jebsen has grown from a shipping agency, which was set up at the end of the 19th century into a conglomerate focused on market development and distribution. It has laid a solid foundation in the industries it serves, covering a wide array of commercial areas, which include consumer products, industrial products, beverage products and automobiles. The company continues to introduce a large variant of quality products, services and solutions to the regional market.

Business Challenges

Jebsen has been cultivating the Greater China region for many years. With its abstract understanding of the local market, a well-developed marketing and distribution network, Jebsen has significantly helped many internationally renowned brands and products such as Porsche, Blue Girl Beer, Dyson Electric and Bosch Industrial Products with their business development efforts in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. The company has to undertake an arduous task to link all kinds of products and services in the group’s system and platform, which is extremely challenging from the human resource management perspective. Currently, Jebsen Group has more than 2,300 employees in Greater China, with business partners spread all over the globe. Undoubtedly, the scale of the group’s business management and their requirements has been impacted, and is different from that in the past. The expansion of its business, has resulted in a continuous rise in its headcount. Hence, the company requires a set of system that suits its business needs and keeps pace with the changing times.


More than two years ago, Jebsen Group selected Kingdee system among the numerous enterprise software systems on the market. Ms. Sara Ho, Human Resources Director of Jebsen Group, said Kingdee was chosen because the system was “appropriate for the use” and “easy to use” and it can better cater to the needs of the company’s future development. She said “Jebsen has extensively engaged in many commercial areas including consumer products, industrial products, beverage products and automobiles, and continues to introduce the high-quality products, services and solutions for the regional market. However, at the same time, in today’s rapidly changing business environment, Jebsen must continue to keep pace with the times. The group needs to cater to various cross-industry and cross-regional needs in Greater China, as well as changes in policies and regulations. Hence, leveraging system integration to address issues of cross-border human resource management is the top priority.”

Complete System with One-Stop Support Services

The importance of a complete human resource management system (HRMS) is obvious and can solve increasingly complex enterprise management problems. Nonetheless, one-stop after-sale service is also indispensable. Sara Ho said since the group has started using the Kingdee system, it has not only improved the efficiency of enterprise operations and management but also reduced the administrative obstacles between businesses/departments. For instance, she said, “Taking salary calculation as an example — it involves multiple categories such as management, middle managers, frontline positions, temporary workers and part-time jobs, hourly wages, monthly salary, contract employees, different labor laws in various regions, currency conversion calculation, and differences in accounting systems, etc., which can be a headache for human resources department and administrative colleagues. Hence, a perfect system can help with data processing and subsequent analysis, which in turn assists to better understand the needs and conditions of the suppliers and customers.” With the use of the Kingdee system, she acknowledged, that she is glad to see the efficiency of the employees increase, and the smoothness of workflow has also, improved significantly.

Professional Team Offering Prompt and Suitable Services

On the other hand, Ho also praised Kingdee’s support team for the after-sale service. “Each employee has to learn from scratch whenever. you use a brand new system and software. It is best, if it is easy to use and learn. Being user-friendly is the best. Whenever a problem arises, (Kingdee) team provides instant follow-up and assistance, which is very reassuring for us.” Ho continued that Kingdee’s support team reviews the condition of the group’s use of the system from time to time and follows up regularly to upgrade the system.
Given, the latest development of the group’s business, it aims to make it convenient for the employees to use the system. Kingdee and the group currently are developing Employee Self Service (ESS) – It is an employee self-service platform, to study the use of mobile platforms such as apps and other online platforms by the employees in order to facilitate the login and use of the HRMS system.


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