The practice of HR digital transformation of Moutai

The practice of HR digital transformation of Moutai

Employees with core competence are the core competitiveness of Moutai. The Human Resource Department gives priority to creating a fair and comfortable working environment for the employees. Our management has improved qualitatively through transformation. We transfer basic and repetitive tasks in recruitment, emolument, and attendance work to the computer so that we can utilize limited time in more valuable and higher-level system construction work and stimulate employees to make contributions for the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise.
——Zhang Yuyang, Deputy Director of Social Insurance Section, Human Resource Department, Moutai Group
Standard data sharing
Data sharing and distribution among 40,000 employees
Solving job hunting problems for 30,000 to 50,000 people each year
Distributing salary and benefits for 30,000 employees each month
Providing services to rely more on data
Lessen the burden on employees

Customer overview

China Kweichow Moutai Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Moutai Group) is a super-large state-owned enterprise with its headquarters located at Moutai Town, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province and its elevation is 423 meters high on average. The Moutai Group covers a land of approximately 15,000 mu where the protection area of Moutai, the product with geographical indications, covers an area of 15.03 square kilometers. There are over 36,000 employees in the Moutai Group.

In 1915, Moutai was granted the gold medal at the Panama World Expo. Moutai is honored as one of the “top three famous (distilled) liquor in the world” together with Cognac brandy from France and Scotch whiskey from the UK. As the originator and representative of daqu Jiang-flavor liquor in China, the brewing technique of Moutai has been selected into the first batch of the Representative List of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage. The booming development of new-generation information technologies represented by the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence has exerted a significant and far-reaching influence on the social economy and people’s life. New-generation information technologies have gradually become a new engine to drive the operation, management, growth, and progress of the enterprise. And an increasing number of enterprises have taken digital transformation as a core strategy.

In 2017, the Moutai Group put forward the establishment of the “Smart Moutai” project with “four services and one creation”, namely providing services for production, life, control, and extension, creating a smart park. The Moutai Group requires that the smart life service should adopt digital and information-based measures to make the data run more errands and employees run fewer errands. Based on the IT planning and requirements of the Smart Moutai and the need for information upgrade in the Social Security Section of the Human Resource Department, in December 2017, the Moutai Group began to cooperate with Kingdee and promote the information upgrade and digital transformation of human resource management in the Moutai Group with the help of Kingdee s-HR.

Business Challenges

As a leading giant among domestic liquor enterprises, the Moutai Group is as labor-intensive as the traditional liquor industry. There are over 30 branches and sub-companies and nearly 40,000 employees in the Moutai Group. The Emolument Section repeats two types of laborious administrative tasks each month, namely the data verification and accounting before salary distribution and Q&A after salary distribution. The Emolument Section once answered questions about the salary of several hundred employees within a day. The Human Resource Section also has numerous administrative tasks. In particular, during the period of large-scale employment from May to July every year, there are tens of thousands of people participating in registration and on-site examination in recruitment activity. As a result, the recruitment group with over ten personnel would be busy for a week just at the stage of printing admission tickets. The keys to the digital transformation of Moutai’s human resources are to build a management platform serving business and management and to prevent risks, improve operation efficiency, and support the enterprise to achieve the goal of developing the “Smart Moutai”.


Empower efficiency improvement and encourage more thinking from HR

With the help of the Kingdee s-HR platform, the Moutai Group has realized data connection among the businesses of personnel, attendance, and emolument. The data comparison and verification tasks of the Emolument Section before the salary distribution has greatly decreased. After the salary distribution, employees can independently inquire about the salary sheets through the mobile terminal of the phone, making the inquiries about salary plummet. “On the one hand, the new system has reduced the workload of administrative tasks and promoted the transformation of work from management orientation to service orientation. On the other hand, we can spend more time thinking about strategic tasks such as salary incentive policies and policy optimization,” Sun Jun, the Head of the Emolument Section exclaimed.

For the distinctive talent recruitment business of the Moutai Group, the Kingdee s-HR platform provides customized system services. During the large-scale employment and recruitment activity in 2019, 30,000 job applicants successfully registered on the official website of Moutai without failure arising from system downtime as before. The recruitment group conducted the qualification review in the back office and finally selected 22,000 applicants to take part in the literacy test. The system automatically allocated them to over 700 test rooms in Renhuai City. Over 20,000 job applicants can print the admission tickets just by logging in to the official website instead of going to the Company to obtain admission tickets. This alone can spare the tasks of nearly a hundred employees in one day.

After being imported into the system, the grades of the job applicants will be sent to the official website of Moutai for publicity. Meanwhile, those applicants that passed the test were informed online to take part in the physical test and then to carry out the physical examination. The system automatically printed the physical examination form for the job applicants. For the applicants that have passed the physical examination. The new personnel recruitment system will share the information with the personnel management system besides supporting the large-scale personnel recruitment of Moutai to realize the automatic documentation of new employees. When talking about the new personnel recruitment system, Head of Human Resource Section Zhao Hang expressed that the new system has strengthened the operation capacity for large-scale personnel recruitment and spared a lot of tasks and time. More importantly, they have further realized standard management by incorporating many types of work into the system.

Integration and sharing, data to run more errands

The Moutai Group is a large-scale organization with detailed division of labor, making the barriers between departments and isolated information island unavoidable without unified IT planning. After the upgrade of the HR system, information interconnection has been realized among business modules. Take the collection of enterprise annuity of the Social Insurance Section as an example, the Social Insurance Section used to verify personnel turnover with the Human Resource Section regularly before carrying out levy and allocation management through Excel. Now, the Social Insurance Section can grasp the information change of the personnel and carry out online levy and allocation management of enterprise annuity through the Kingdee s-HR system. This year, Moutai adjusted the enterprise annuity by modifying the annual levy into monthly levy, withdrawal, and allocation, making the business more complicated. In the Kingdee s-HR system, the Moutai Group has realized the support of the new annuity levy method by appropriately adjusting the business rules.

During the overall project construction of the “Smart Moutai”, the Moutai Group has taken the new HR system as the HR master data system of the Group. The data changes of the Group such as the organization structure, position, and personnel are conducted in the Kingdee s-HR system. The modified data are synchronized instantly in the OA system, financial system, and other business systems, as well as the smart devices such as the attendance machine through the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). The unified master data lays a solid foundation for the construction of the “Smart Moutai” project and makes the data of affiliated businesses run smoothly, thus providing efficient services for the business and control of the Group.

Intelligent services, employees to run fewer errands

In the “Smart Moutai” project planning, the Moutai Group puts forward the “Smart Life Service Platform”, hoping that employees can gradually transform the traditional lifestyle into a modern and information-based lifestyle.

In the past, if the employees have questions about the salary after the monthly salary distribution, they could only conduct telephone or on-site consultation towards the Emolument Section. Now, employees can see the details of the salary and tax withholding of every month in real-time through the “iMoutai” application on the telephone.

Value of Customer

As a traditional liquor enterprise, the Moutai Group not only upgrades the system tools or changes the working style but also changes the mindset of the managers in the Moutai Group during the process of digital transformation. It is the change of mindset from a management enterprise to a service enterprise that is required from top to bottom that stimulates employees in the Moutai Group to continuously explore and promote the development of the “Smart Moutai”. As the originator of the Jiang-flavor liquor and the “king of the stock market” that enjoys widespread popularity, the Kweichow Moutai has transformed from the traditional model of managing employees and distributing emolument to providing service for employees and activating entity in terms of human resources on the way to run for trillion market value. Besides focusing on cultivating the craftsmanship of traditional brewing, the Moutai Group applies the HR information-based system and platform and intelligent tools to provide a smart life service platform for employees, relying more on data and lessen the burden on employees. The combination of inheriting craftsmanship with modern and digital management will definitely promote Moutai to be a great enterprise and an everlasting “national business card”.

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