Country Garden: Digitization Drives Innovation of Business

Country Garden: Digitization Drives Innovation of Business

When visiting institutional units, we usually have to register, fill out the visitor's form and get a card. Then we can go inside. However, during the pandemic, such operation is not only unsafe but also inefficient, easily bringing the crowd together. Taking advantage of the open capability of Yuanbao, we provide digital card keys. Employees can apply for work resumption online...

Customer overview

Country Garden Group is the largest innovative urbanization residence developer in China. The group adopts the collective and standardized operation mode, with the business scope of property development, construction, decoration, property management, property investment, hotel development and management, modern agriculture and robots. Country Garden provides diversified products to cater to different markets. Diversified products include projects of residential areas such as conjoined residences and western-style houses as well as parking spaces and shops. At the same time, Country Garden develops and manages hotels in a number of projects, improving the appreciating potential of real-estate projects. Moreover, it also operates hotels that are independent of real estate development. On April 20, 2007, Country Garden Groups was listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange. In 2017, it firstly ascended to Fortune Global 500 companies, ranking 467th and ranked 147th in 2020. Since the beginning of 2019, Country Garden has taken modern agriculture and robot as two major businesses of top priority. In August 2019, Country Garden was listed in 2019 Top 50 Board of Directors in China. It ranked 11th among “The Belt and Road” Top 100 China’s Enterprises. In December 2019, Country Garden Group was listed in China Brand Model of Powerful Nation 2019 Top 100. On December 18, 2019, People’s Daily released the list of Top 100 Brand Development Index of China’s Enterprises and Country Garden ranked 15th. In 2020, Country Garden built up the real estate-oriented landscape of high-tech industries, including Bright Dream Robotics, modern agriculture, Biyouxuan and robot restaurants. China Index Academy points out that the steady rise of Country Garden’s business in recent years can be mainly ascribed to its steady strategies and the timely adjustments between first-tier and second-tier hot cities and third-tier and fourth-tier cities. Country Garden is constantly optimistic about the prospect of the new model of urbanization and lays out the city landscape on this basis, which makes it successful strategically and is the key to its rapid development. Beyond strategies, the coordination of three major businesses, namely real estate, robot and agriculture, embodies the integration capability of its industry chain. The common feature of the real estate industry is high liability, which is the shared feature of real estate developers with a fast turnover. To avoid the capital risk and operating risk brought by high liability, Country Garden consciously enhances the capability of financial risk control.

Business Challenges

As you may know, Yuanbao, the early office software in the field of real estate, has once bent the traditional OA to informatization, improving office efficiency to a certain degree. However, when the new era and the industry impose new requirements, Country Garden also has the deepened demand for collaboration platform: First, the real estate department and the customer service department, whose routine job is communication, impose strict requirement of promptness of information. However, due to the restriction of the platform, Yuanbao causes delayed arrival of information, impeding the communication progress and negatively affecting the satisfaction of clients. Second, Yuanbao is qualified to be a basic communication platform yet with the increase of business and connections to more business, development for the second time and cost of time, human resources and capital are involved. At present, Country Garden needs a more open and more inclusive new Yuanbao.

Value of Customer

“Knowing Work and More Interesting”, a new intelligent collaboration cloud connecting 230 thousand people

1.Integrated with hundreds of light applications, the portal works as a platform: when using the old Yuanbao, Country Garden solved the basic unified communication problems but this kind of convenience could only be experienced in PC. A new portal that can be connected with other applications was expected and the login of a single routine application was no longer needed. Cloud-hub intelligent collaboration cloud has portals with the functions of routine approval, work report, intelligent meetings, enterprise’s cloud storage, meeting the needs of Country Garden. At the same time, second development is not needed as the cloud is integrated with more than 100 applications. In the meantime, clients can visit other business systems via this portal, which creates a natural platform of traffic pool for new Yuanbao.

2.Catering to the needs, the construction site is moved to the phone screen: intelligent construction site is an information system of comprehensive visual management of construction site, which is built by Data Management Center of Country Garden with the high-tech of Internet of Things, Internet technology, artificial intelligence technology. It possesses the functions of safety risk forecast, construction process management and intelligent identification and early warning of risks and it can be applied in the on-site management of construction. However, the high-tech big screen that is used to monitor constructions all over the country is at the office while those who take charge of monitoring projects are at the construction site most of the time. Cooperating with Cloud-hub, the intelligent construction site is moved from the big screen at the office to the phone screen and project managers can supervise the construction in other places even though they are at one of the construction sites.

3.Breaking the restriction of “terminal”, mobile terminal facilitates efficient collaboration: Country Garden possessed its own online meeting software before, namely Bishitong. But it could only be used on PC, which means that computer is necessary to have a meeting every time. Since the Cloud-hub was connected to PC, large-scale reports, remote interview, negotiation with clients, remote live streaming and joint discussion of drawing can take place without the restriction of places, improving the efficiency of meetings. As for review and approval and files for approval in hand, the previous approval system can be connected to the new Yuanbao. In this way, the restriction of time and place is eliminated and leaders can vet files anytime and anywhere, greatly reducing time costs.

4.Intelligent forms reduce the wasted time in questionnaires: the administrative department and the personnel department conduct the monthly survey on property and canteen with questionnaires. Previously, questionnaires were distributed by online document tools such as Wenjuanxing, Shimo and Yinxiangbiji via emails and the agenda. With Cloud-hub, information can be delivered by using intelligent forms or sent within related groups. Employees can click the link and directly fill out the form, without filling in personal information

Moreover, cooperating with Cloud-hub, new Yuanbao facilitated prevention and control of pandemic and large-scale work resumption by using a series of specific functional scenes during the pandemic.

Card key: when visiting the headquarters of Country Garden, people had to fill out the visitors’ form and get an admittance card to go inside, which easily gathered the crowd and incurred safety hazards during the pandemic. Taking advantage of the open capability of Yuanbao, Country Garden provides digital card key. Employees can apply for work resumption online and the application will be approved if the result body examination is qualified, improving the efficiency of work resumption, strictly controlling people’s entry into office, business and dormitory areas and avoiding the free flow of people.

Work report: compared to other OA and ERP systems, it is unnecessary to fill in many parameters and contents and it is easy to operate. Especially during the pandemic, employees can record the work by using this function every day, not only avoiding being absent-minded but also building the team atmosphere of cooperation in this special time.

Intelligent sign-in: especially during the pandemic when mobile working is suggested, signing in by taking photos inside and outside the office in many scenes is supported and the sign-in data can be derived with one click, which is convenient for employees and HR in other places to check out staff’s attendance in real-time.

Questionnaires about the pandemic: during the pandemic, health questionnaires are distributed to all the staff to guarantee the reasonable arrangement of work resumption.


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