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Overall partnership value for channel partners


Empowers partners to build core competencies

Join Kingdee, with its 27 years of successful experience as an industry leader, to manage output, export industry experience, and help partners build core competitiveness. Building a partner employee growth channel system is conducive to the long-term development of a company. 


Assists partners to rapidly occupy markets

For 15 years in a row, Kingdee has had the largest market share in the growth enterprise market. Kingdee’s customer base covers all industries and it has an exceptional brand reputation. Having a mature system with channels that support growth helps franchise partners rapidly gain a foothold in the software industry.


Helping partners to build an industry reputation

By addressing the core issues and management pain points of customer business, Kingdee can reach top-tier customers and gain recognition and become a strategic partner for customer growth, which is more beneficial for deep industry operations. Word-of-mouth marketing and customer retention have become business advantages that no one can duplicate. 'Helping customers succeed' makes everyone engaged in Kingdee operations a respected partner.

Profit analysis of Kingdee's Partnership

A leader in the industry, a pioneer in transformation

  • A leading brand in the industry, with brand and market awareness, as well as comprehensive market management and operation systems.
  • Largest market share in the growth enterprise market and number one in the cloud transformation industry, accounting for 60% of public cloud in 2020. With strategic early plans for the cloud market, Kingdee will gain a commanding market advantage, and guide its ecosystem using a blue ocean strategy


Continuous profits, built to last

  • Transforming from a business model to a subscription model: Public cloud, hybrid cloud, private subscription, annual renewal rate of over 80%. Reap greater rewards with less effort and gain lasting results


Standard price, value marketing

  • Product subscription profit
  • Implementation profit
  • Services profit

Potential income, marginal income

  • With customers' continued use, the content and scale of their applications will expand year by year, capturing every opportunity point that brings value. For example, adding sites and models. Drill down into the supply chain, production, collaboration and HR.
  • Release upgrades, secondary development, advanced services and special service fees, etc. Grows, develops and wins with customers. Customer-centred, with people working hard as the basis. The desire of business operators for growth is also our objective. Doing a good job of implementation and providing good service will inevitably earn the recognition of customer leaders and all users. Word-of-mouth marketing will bring five to ten times the opportunities through referral, and the win rate is extremely high for cloud products.
  • Sales opportunities for security products, complementary products, hardware equipment and more

Kingdee has successfully managed the system output

Organisation building

– Team recruitment, organisation assessment system construction

– Project operating system specifications

– Output of operating system of outstanding partners

– eam culture building

Market support

– Product market planning

– Marketing activity guide

Sales support

– Kingdee standard sales methodology output

– Product marketing dialogue

– Competing product analysis

Pre-sales support

– Industry fundamentals

– Product presentation

– Product and industry solutions

– Classic cases

After-sales support

– Delivery support: Delivery of methodological outputs, delivery consultants; competency empowerment and certification, standard implementation delivery tool

– Service support: Introduction to the service system, service product introduction and quotation

Kingdee's new partner growth system


Training support

On-site product training

sales scenario explanations

product solutions, course materials and classic cases;

high-value empowerment courses such as the beginner programme and new partner training camp


One-on-one support

Partner success managers provide at least one day per week of on-site coaching to empower new partners. Breakdown of partner employee performance targets, work arrangements and demonstration of marketing dialogues. Review of the previous week's work and lead penetration.

At least one day of on-site support from the Partner Success director every month, to review key issues, troubleshoot issues and share experiences


Support for marketing activity planning and guidance

eview and inventory check for the partner company's existing business.

Based on the results of the inventory, coach the partner to set targets and plan marketing activities, guiding the partner’s staff to work out a division of labour.

Demonstrate how to invite customers and lead partner staff in completing event invitation.

Provide direction for the event site and keynote speaker, and lead the event to a successful completion.

ead partners to review the event, summarise the shortcomings and experience, and organise and follow up on opportunities


Support for project orders

Analysis of business opportunities carried out weekly. For the first three orders processed by new partner employees, company colleagues with extensive experience come on-site to model the process of placing orders, guiding the growth of new partner employees.

For projects with larger commercial opportunities, the Partner Success manager or Partner Success director comes into play to support them


Project implementation support

Local branch mentors or project managers come on-site to assist in implementing the first three orders.

Partner settlement requires partner technicians to be fully involved in the implementation process, and non-participant implementation costs are settled to branch offices at standard rates

Introduction to the Kingdee channel partner system