Electronic Manufacturing

Complete Product Life-Cycle Management -PDM / PLM

Electronic components industry is a technology industry. The technological prowess of an enterprise determines its competitiveness in the market. Technological innovation is an important foundation for the enterprise’s development. The investment in R&D covers a large proportion. The PDM/PLM management system can realize the integration of PDM data and ERP, connect to aided management systems such as CAD, realize the data sharing of various systems, enhance system efficiency and consolidate the management foundation.

The type and model of electronic products are numerous and the procurement and assembly is complex. Independent production and collaborative production with other enterprises are going on at the same time. Manual coding may cause codes to be missing, omitted, repeated and other errors. In the meantime, some products can be re-assembled to a different product according to different characteristics. The product characteristics BOM, configuration BOM and characteristics configuration scheme in the system can realize a fast configuration of products in order to meet the client’s requirement for product diversity.

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