Kingdee Cloud Supply Chain Management Solution

Re-defining supply chain management

Business value of the Cloud Supply Chain Management Solution

Targets purchase, sales, and inventory management personnel, to provide procurement, sales, inventory, warehouse and supply chain management, supply chain coordination and other business management functionalities, helps enterprises upgrade traditional warehouse management systems and inventory management software to cloud-based services, and comprehensively manages supply chain business, by effectively managing and controlling information, material and capital flows in production, supply and sales

Core functionalities of Kingdee Cloud Supply Chain Management Solution

Procurement Management

Effectively controls and tracks the entire process, covering purchase application, goods-ordering, material receipt and warehousing, and material returns, to achieve sophisticated corporate purchase management


Meets the following key needs:
• Centralised procurement, dispersed shipments: procurement model for group companies with multiple organisations
• Purchase application: single- and cross-organisation purchase applications, centralised processing of purchase applications

• Price management: price and discount management and price control
• Discount management: centralised management of discounts for flexible control
• Purchase order management: basic operations for flexible handling of delivery quantity and delivery time tolerances

Sales Management

Provides visible, configurable standard business processes for single-enterprise and cross-organisation entities regarding sales, and supports user expansion as needed


Meets the following key needs:
• Sales quotation management: provides quotation processing and price management functionalities centred on quotations. It aims to help companies develop accurate quotation strategies
• Sales order management: provides pre-set sales business processes
• Sales shipment management: provides shipping notices to help sales personnel monitor and track shipment status
• Goods delivery/returns management: supports single-organisation enterprises and cross-organisation group companies in goods delivery and returns, and settlement management

Credit Management

Effectively controls and tracks the entire process of credit management, and builds a sophisticated credit management system


Meets the following key needs:
• Credit inspection rules: the basis for enterprises carrying out credit controls
• Credit archives: with the help of credit archives, grants lines of credit to entities subject to credit management and control, and verifies rules for credit taken up
• Credit approval authority: supports total quota control of credit approval, to grant credit approval power to salespersons and sales directors

Inter-organisation Settlement

Supports internal settlement between organisations, generates a breakdown of transactions for inter-organisation settlement based on settlement relationship, and generates bills for inter-organisation receivables and payables


Meets the following key needs:
• Price tables for inter-organisation settlement: sales price tables of an organisation which serves as a supplier to other organisations
• Inter-organisation settlement relationship: settlement correspondence and price-setting between two accounting organisations
• Settlement intermediary and display: display details about business documents involved in the settlement and relevant pricing information
• List of inter-organisation settlements: breakdowns of transactions used for reconciliation between two accounting organisations as a result of cross-organisation transactions

Inventory Management

Manages warehousing and retrieval operations occurring during the purchase, sales and production processes, and supports assembly and disassembly, simple production, storage of entrusted processing materials and other individualised inventory operations of enterprises


Meets the following key needs:
• Basic information: supports flexible warehousing spacing in addition to basic warehouse set-up
• Inventory allocation: direct and distributed allocation, supports applications for inventory allocation within an organisation or across organisations
• Monitoring information: provides minimum and maximum inventory warnings, safety stock warnings, reorder point warnings and shelf life warnings

Supply Chain Coordination

Meets the following key needs:
• Helps enterprises set up their own supply systems and build online business collaboration platforms for both suppliers and demanders, offering functionalities such as sourcing collaboration, order collaboration, delivery collaboration, inventory collaboration, and information collaboration

Barcode Management

Meet the following key needs:
• Provides functionalities such as logistics barcode management, inventory barcode management, process barcode management and packaging barcode management, and supports the application of barcodes, QR codes and RFID


Features of Kingdee Cloud Supply Chain Management

Complete supply chain solutions

Provides internal supply chain management, covering all core aspects, such as purchase, sale, distribution, inventory, credit and inter-organisation transaction management

Flexible multi-organisation application structure

Flexible multi-organization business application architecture, supports the supply chain business of enterprises with multiple organisations, factories and business sites

Process-oriented, multi-level management and control

Process-oriented management and control, to help enterprises effectively control businesses in terms of compliance, rationality of action and risk, and provides a multi-level control system that can adapt to management applications of different enterprises

Flexible, comprehensive inventory management dimensions

In addition to daily management of warehousing, batch numbers, expiration dates, auxiliary attributes and serial numbers, it also provides management of goods owners, holders and inventory status, to help enterprises gain comprehensive information about inventories

Automatic processing of various third-party smart devices

With a cloud-based platform, it can easily connect with various smart devices and apps through ecosystem chains of partners

Application platform adapting to supply chain expansion in terms of both depth and breadth

Open business architecture allows for a good interface for external integration, enabling easy integration with industry and third-party apps

Why choose Kingdee Cloud Supply Chain ?

Comprehensively covers business scenarios

Uses innovative technologies to help enterprises achieve comprehensive and smart management of supply chain businesses, allowing them to evolve in light of demand

25 years of deep insight into Chinese corporate management

Industrial supply chain collaboration platform built on advanced platform design philosophy

Good user experience

Adopts a user-centric product philosophy and offers easy-to-use functionalities to help users accomplish key tasks in specific scenarios

Quick-response service system

Provides customised marketing and operational services for companies, while adhering to the business philosophy of “helping customers succeed”

Successful customer case studies




• 日處理訂單超15000單
• 分布式倉儲,多點協作流暢便捷
• 從不隔夜,物流精準高效





• 條碼、供應商協同
• 30+個系統雲端數據集成
• 庫存下降10%,67%物料準備提前期減少




• 原材料庫存數量降低10%
• 供應商滿意度高於95%

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