Kingdee Cloud HR Solution, Experts in Cross-border HRM systems

An international Human Resources Management System in compliance with the labour policies in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and the Asia Pacific.

An Employees Self-service Platform to connect all human capital.

Why choose Kingdee Cloud HR Solution

Helps HR personnel work more efficiently

 Helps HR personnel shift from a work style focusing on processing matters to one focusing on creating value and increasing work efficiency, and human resources sharing and compensation management solutions.

Empowers managers

Helps managers obtain information about employees in a more timely and accurate manner; more effective communication and easier talent development 

Helps management make decisions more quickly

Helps companies develop overall management of human resources, share talent data and talent information resources, and helps management make more efficient and accurate HR decisions

Engage employees

Personnel information is transparent and on a real-time basis, HR services are easily available and efficient, social networking-style collaboration, helps employees access people, matters, data and management at any time or place, improves teamwork efficiency 

Core functions of Kingdee Cloud HRM System

Organisation management solutions

Meets the following key needs:

• Adapts to an environment where organisations are becoming larger and more complex in form, with frequent adjustments in structure
• Meets the requirements of different types of group companies for flexible organisation management
• Supports position-based HR systems, analyses such structure and its changes and trends, and makes projections in a timely and accurate manner
• HR data supports strategic decision-making and management reforms

Performance management solutions

Meets the following key needs:

• Establishes performance management systems tailored to different needs on the same platform
• Improves the efficiency of human resources personnel in Hong Kong and across the globe in developing and reviewing performance plans and conducting performance appraisals through an effective implementation of HCM software and payroll system
• Makes use of performance appraisal results in a wide range of areas, helping raise the value of managers and employees at all levels

Recruitment management solutions

Meets the following key needs:

• Our HCM system helps develop a talent recruitment plan aligned with your organisational goals in Hong Kong
• Expands talent supply channels and achieves internal and external talent sharing
• Introduces advanced talent assessment techniques to help companies select talent
• Helps group headquarters set up a system to monitor the implementation and progress of recruitment plans of organisations at all levels, improves the group’s management and control capabilities

Talent learning management solutions

Meets the following key needs:

• Builds knowledge development, transfer and talent cultivation systems aligned with organisational goals
• Helps companies improve their ability to develop and utilise resources
• Provides various online learning options and exam and knowledge exchange platforms for talent working at or outside the companies
• Uses behavioural analysis tools to gain insights into trainees’ learning style and behavioural characteristics

Human resources sharing service centre solutions

Meets the following key needs:

• Companies in Hong Kong and across the globe carry out reforms in human resources management systems to adapt to external changes and corporate strategic development. They seek to use human resources sharing service centres to position them to shift from HR management based on division of roles to a model featuring the “three pillars of HR.”

Group management and collaboration solutions

Meets the following key needs:

• Meets the needs of the systems of Hong Kong and global enterprises in carrying out differentiated management of human resources in affiliates
• Supports group headquarters seeking to carry out customised licence management among its affiliates
• Enhances the ability to share data and information
• Acquires key human resources data and indicators and monitors them on a real-time basis using software from Kingdee in Hong Kong

Personnel management solutions

Meets the following key needs:

• Given the frequent changes in staffing, enables organic linkage of personnel management and other HR affairs
• Enables a detailed and accurate understanding of the individual needs of each employee
• Compiles staff statistics and conducts trend analysis in a timely and accurate manner
• Makes HR affairs less labour-consuming, and enhances the value of the contribution of HR information to corporate decision-making

Attendance management solutions

Meets the following key needs:

• Allows large corporate groups to conduct employee holiday, scheduling and attendance management on one platform
• Conducts attendance management for when employees are sent to temporarily work at other branches, stores or business lines within the company
• Supports overtime management, allows companies to manage overtime hours at the organisational or individual level, to avoid employment risks
• Quickly spots and corrects abnormal attendance data and synchronises such data with the compensation module for payroll accounting purposes

Compensation management solutions

Meets the following key needs:

• Meets the cross-border remuneration accounting, analysis and management requirements of enterprises with affiliates engaged in various industries and regions, with various types of employees and multiple remuneration systems
• Flexibly manages remuneration plans, items, standards, and calculation rules, within both centralised and personalised application scope
• Intelligently handles adjustments in remuneration information caused by business changes
• Enables integrated processing of remuneration accounting, financial accounting and cost statistics
• Enhances the company’s ability to compile and analyse salary reports, and provides strong support to the company when it makes remuneration adjustments or designs employee incentives

Report management solutions

Meets the following key needs:

• Helps group headquarters and organisations at all levels obtain information about human resources arrangements, and type, number, structure, distribution and flow of employees at any time.
• Using the system, removes obstacles to preparation of HR reports and improves report generation efficiency
• Using the system platform, provides more professional HR statistical and analysis tools for enterprises
• Enables easy sharing of system reports within the organisation, and provides a sophisticated reporting hierarchy management system, to ensure data security


Features of Kingdee Cloud HR Solution

An HRIS platform for large- and medium-sized group companies in Hong Kong and abroad.

Meets the need of group companies to implement different degrees of control over each business unit, and flexibly adjust control depth and breadth to adapt to their different stages of business development

A mobile app that can be used at any time or place

Integrated with mobile office app Cloud-Hub, it allows users to communicate at any time or place, with no limits on internal collaboration; supports diversified application scenarios to meet user demand, helps companies achieve mobile management of all their employees in the Internet era through a comprehensive HRM system.

Facilitates collaboration among multiple organisations

Meets the management needs of large-scale group headquarters by differentiating the HRM system of it’s affiliates with diversified businesses, geographical distribution and management quality levels while helping enhance collaboration with a more streamlined HRIS in Hong Kong.

Open cloud platform integrated with related systems to achieve unified application

Builds an open eco-chain, allows access to data service interfaces regarding organisational structure, positions, basic information about employees and their on-the-job status, to achieve integration with related systems and applications in a quick and low-cost manner

Internet culture, supports cloud-based deployment

The user interface of the Kingdee Cloud HRM system is simple, intuitive, and role-oriented, offering intuitive applications and an excellent user experience

Builds an HR sharing service system

Offers various sharing services for employees in Hong Kong and globally such as a payroll system, HR affairs inquiries, on-boarding and resignation procedures, document and certification issuance, insurance and reimbursement, to help enterprises separate strategic HR work from general HR affairs

Client success stories

Centennial Store Value Added

“All employees’ information have been stored in Kingdee HRM system. We can get many insights from system information, so as to find out the factors regarding staff promotion or resignation. Through system analysis, we can improve the turnover situation and promotion opportunities.”

-Brian Chan, Chief Information Officer of Jebsen Group

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