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Distribution and channel management

Based on the categories of sales channels, Kingdee EAS offers classification-based management of pharmaceutical products, whereby the emphasis and method of promoting products are managed according to different types of retail outlets such as hospitals, OTC and supermarkets in shopping malls. With regards to routine management, performances of responsible units and staff members are appraised based on two criteria – channels and drugs.

Circulation and inventory management

Kingdee EAS conducts sales and circulation activities in strict compliance with GSP management standards. Relevant features include support for pre-launch licensing, tracking by batch and lot numbers and stringent warehousing and input-output management. Inventory and logistics management, in addition to support for off-site sales agents and certified logistics partners, are made available through internet-based remote management solutions, which allow pharmaceutical companies to expand nationwide and centralise circulation and inventory management operations.

Production planning and control management

While ensuring full compliance with GMP management standards, Kingdee EAS caters to the unique needs of pharmaceutical production management to enable production plans to be drawn up based on the capacities of production lines and inventory volumes. Overall inventory management and sales planning and execution are coordinated at the operations management level to strike a balance between regulatory compliance and cost minimisation, delivering economies of scale for corporate users.

Traceable safety control

The drug production process is supported by inventory tracking and product quality management from start to finish.

Client success stories


With Kingdee EAS, Jiuzhitang is able to select different allocation criteria for different cost items and cost centres. Fully-integrated, supply chain-based high-precision production cost accounting allows the firm to trace product costs layer by layer from the semi-finished product down to the raw materials, itemised by raw material consumption, labour and production costs. This more sophisticated cost structure analysis gives management a clearer direction in cost cutting initiatives, laying a solid foundation for successful cost analysis and control optimisation.

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