Food Industry Solution

Kingdee’s Food Industry Solutions help companies build centralised sales, supply chain, production, financial and accounting platforms, creating unified management operations at the group level. The integrated e-commerce solution covers all financial aspects of supply chain management. It processes all online orders in one place, thus streamlining the finance and income collection process


A supply, production and operation platform
Collaborative operations covering multiple organisations and locations enable management driven by performance. Production and management toolkits specially developed for food producers and operators, as well as high-precision production cost accounting, helps achieve full integration of production and retail operations
Multi-factory supply chain coordination
A coordinated MRP/MSP system shared by multiple factories keeps production, warehousing and procurement planning communications up to date. A group-level unified ERP platform has led to the introduction of a highly efficient centralised procurement model characterised by centralised procurement and decentralised collection and payment settlement, tightening control on large-scale commodity purchases, improving internal communication efficiency, and realising internal settlement and centralised payment for procurement transactions between factories and the headquarters
A comprehensive financial management platform
Centralised accounting and capital management systems, flexible inter-company account verification and reconciliation, profit centre appraisal model, and well-organised and timely financial statements that facilitate decision-making
Well-developed and efficient store retail management
Fast construction, data-intensive business layout, fast checkout, exceptional accuracy and efficiency, real-time sales and inventory statistics, equal treatment of all members, and online ordering supported by offline collection
A seamlessly integrated e-commerce platform
An O2O e-commerce platform, coupled with an integrated multi-channel platform, allows different sales channels to interact with each other