Business Challenges
Lack of control over terminals
The business is unable to know the details of the user
Changing consumption patterns
New retail brings changes in pharmaceutical consumption patterns (cosmetics shops, etc., interconnection of diagnosis and treatment)
Pressure across borders
Competitive pressures from the Internet sector are mounting
Agile supply chain
Supply chains are unable to respond to external demand changes in a timely manner
Pharmaceutical and health industry solutions
The demand for digital solutions prevalent in the current era of pharmaceutical enterprises exists mainly on two levels, control and business. Control requirements: Different control requirements are generated depending on the nature of the enterprise, the regulatory requirements and the scale of the enterprise. Among these, compliance is the basic requirement for the pharmaceutical and health industry. Different digital transformation requirements are generated for business based on the enterprise's industry links, strategies, and models, as well as the digital transformation targets it set. Kingdee's pharmaceutical and health industry solutions are dedicated to building an industrial ecosystem with the theme of big health, to help enterprises build digital transformation ideas, establish an Internet+ operating model, implement group management and granular management requirements, and build five platforms based on the EBC system (customer experience platform, ecosystem platform, IoT)
Smart medical big data
Full-lifecycle health management, precision medicine, IoT applications
Customer relationship management solutions
Multi-dimensional analysis, flow management, expense management, sales behaviour management
Sourcing solutions
Integrate and share vendor resources, achieve open and transparent purchasing, multi-level cost reduction
Omni-channel distribution solutions
Open multi-level channels, comprehensive logistics, order flow, promotion flow and capital flow
Empowerment, integration, symbiosis
Empower industry, share value and establish industry eco-chains
Digital operations
Activate effective business operations and group control systems for individuals and organisations
Connect, optimise, upgrade
Build a new-generation digital hybrid cloud platform centred on the integration of business and finance