Kingdee Intelligent Manufacturing Solution

A new production model

Intelligent manufacturing aims to take advantage of data assets and technologies, enabling flexibility in processes to address and provide an international market across Hong Kong, China and more with industry 4.0 solutions.

How far are we from intelligent manufacturing?

Digital manufacturing – Industry 4.0
  • Every company is talking about digital transformation. What is the technological focus of this process?
  • How many of them have seen real benefits?
  • The deepest secret of corporate digital transformation. Insights into the transformation of CRRC

Value of Kingdee Smart Manufacturing

Transparent management

Adapts to customer needs, connects people and equipment and systems and equipment, and builds open, transparent and visualised manufacturing systems and management models

Flexible production

Creates smaller organisational units, reconfigures production and optimises production factors based on customer needs to make better use of resources

Smart IoT

Networked equipment, interoperability and self-generation of equipment operation information, data-driven production, improved corporate operational efficiency, enhanced resource-sharing, and organisational synergy

Kingdee Cloud Manufacturing Solutions for companies of all sizes

For large-equipment manufacturing sector

Kingdee EAS smart cloud manufacturing solutions, focuses on product, process and resource digitalisation, helping build “interconnection into enterprises, factories and equipment.”
• Cloud manufacturing synergy solutions: synergy in planning, design, manufacturing, and industry chain
• Cloud manufacturing integration solutions: integration in business, operation and control
• Intelligent cloud-controlled manufacturing solutions: real-time control of equipment and operation
• Big data analysis solutions

For large- and medium-sized enterprises with multiple units and profit centres

Designed for collaborative production among multiple factories and multiple organisations, Kingdee Cloud Galaxy can meet diversified needs of enterprises and features full range of manufacturing systems and standardised management.
• PLM: re-define product R&D management, PLM ERP integrated management system
• Smart terminal: connectivity among people, equipment and systems
• Smart dashboard: visualised management
• Smart logistics: flexible supply of materials in a quick and low-cost manner
• Smart IoT: equipment IoT systems

ERP application for small- and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises

An integrated ERP application for small- and medium-sized manufacturers, covering corporate management informationisation, process automation, research and development digitalisation, and intelligent decision-making. Meets the following key needs:
• Cross-network collaboration, using both offline ERP and online cloud service applications
• Smart factory with the Internet of Everything for manufacturing
• User-centric C2M manufacturing model


Why choose Kingdee Intelligent Manufacturing?

Kingdee received the IDC 2020 SaaS ERP Customer Satisfaction Award based on the results of IDC’s SaaSPath global survey (IDC #US46933620), and was the one and only Chinese SaaS vendor recognized by this Award.
Adopts Amoeba management to help manufacturing companies achieve digital management
Flexible and intelligent production with small batches and multiple varieties is the future of the manufacturing industry, while its basis is precision management and a cellular organisational structure. Kingdee Smart Manufacturing brings together the Amoeba management practices of over 2,000 large- and medium-sized enterprises and aims to help companies optimise their management systems and become more competitive through industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing solutions across HK and China.
A mobile app that can help customers build a customised smart factory business
Integrated with the mobile office app Cloud-Hub, it can help companies develop mobile factory solutions and meet the diversified needs of users; leveraging Cloud-Hub’s enterprise-level social networking advantages, it can help inspire social networking innovation within small units
Mobile Smart Factory
Integrate with the Kingdee Cloud-hub mobile office app to meet the needs of diversified manufacturers; use the Cloud-hub for the advantages of enterprise social networking, allow creative dialogues across departments and regions through an internal social network.
In-depth insight into Chinese corporate management
Advanced top-level design philosophy to empower individuals and galvanise organisations