Integration of brand-specific marketing, supply chain collaboration and financial supervision activities

Building on fully-established traditional management models, our solutions support unified e-commerce platform operations by implementing integrated online data across third-party e-commerce platforms and clients’ own platforms and data sharing with offline sales outlets. All of the users’ service needs are effectively addressed.

Sales and operations planning and management

A powerful tool to maintain balance between sales, inventory and production, the Kingdee EAS sales and operation plan takes the calendar month as the planning unit to coordinate monthly production planning, procurement size and fund allocation, the outcome of which then feeds back into sales progress, promotions planning and execution.

Production planning and execution management

Kingdee EAS offers MTS production management models commonly used in the household chemicals industry. Use of raw materials and product quality are tracked by batch and lot numbers throughout the production process. It supports formula management, X-shaped BOM and joint and secondary product management, thus enhancing the accuracy of cost accounting.

Supplier and inventory management

Kingdee EAS allows users to manage primary and auxiliary raw material suppliers according to categories, and supports overall management of inventories of finished products, dynamic logistics in-transit management and logistics centres distribution management.

Client success stories

Perfect (Zhongshan)
Successful IT application in process manufacturing

Perfect built a “two-way” planning system and model using Kingdee EAS. It supports manufacturing operations where production is scheduled in keeping with limited capacity of production lines. A highly efficient supply chain is achieved, enabling the company to respond swiftly to changes in market demand and reduce inventory carrying costs.

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