Business Challenges
Channel expansion and project supervision are difficult, and after-sales systems are cumbersome
Competition in the industry has intensified and profits have thinned, making it increasingly difficult to expand new channels. Users are spread across the country and need to rely on distributors and authorised networks to provide after-sales service. Timeliness and service experience affect brand reputation, recommendations and repeat purchases
Pricing is chaotic, and terminals are difficult to control
Profits for home appliances have thinned and cannot support the profits and costs required by logistics companies and marketing channels along each step of the process. Conflicts have arisen between manufacturers and distributors, and brand owners have struggled to control the end market. Under stressful conditions, some agents and distributors have been forced to violate market rules, offer bargain prices to increase project volume and earn rebates from the manufacturers
Difficulties in product contextualisation and customisation, and the integration of research, production and sales
Consumer demand for home appliance products has become more personalised and scenario-based, which poses a greater test for the research, production and sales systems of home appliance enterprises. It is necessary to focus on C2M end-to-end connections to dig deeper into the needs of users, innovate in product research and development, design, etc., implement flexible production, and make continuous improvements in consumer and service experiences.
High costs, thin profits, slow turnover, large capital usage
The increase in raw material prices has increased the cost pressure on the home appliances industry. The profits of the industry have thinned, and the sales model of traditional channels still largely involves overstocking, thereby depleting the funds of brand owners and distributors. They urgently need to remove excess stock, speed up inventory turnover and adjust their product structure.
Digital transformation solutions for the household appliances industry
With an agile front-end, shared middle platform and multiple back-ends, an integrated digital platform has been created to enable research, production, supply and sales. Helps home appliance enterprises optimise production methods, improve supply chain efficiency, respond quickly to the needs of upstream and downstream customers, achieve omni-channel marketing, and reach end consumers
PaaS platform support
Enterprises can flexibly define their own business. PaaS fully supports the restructuring of the internal and external value chains in the home appliance industry, accelerating the transformation and upgrade of products, channels and services
Coverage of the entire business
Includes financial management, procurement management, sales management, inventory management, production management, R&D management, channel management, etc.
Solution benefits
The entire process of the project is controlled, and a comprehensive after-sales service platform is built
Build a digital project and service experience platform that enables project-wide management and control to reduce project risk. Visualised service processes and increased efficiency. Proactive and value-added services increase customer value and customer stickiness
Integration of online and offline channels and coordinated operations across all channels
Fully supports the home appliance industry's omni-channel marketing system, including B2C e-commerce management, B2B multi-level and in-depth marketing management, and retail chain management, in addition to the construction of a supply chain system and win-win mechanism around the connection
PLM+ERP+MES creates an integrated platform for research, production, supply, sales and services
The only PLM+ERP+MES integrated cloud platform in China to build an integrated platform for research, production, supply, sales and services, to improve productivity, business agility and service optimisation in the home appliance industry
Build a digital supply chain system to achieve end-to-end supply services
By establishing an efficient supply chain system, companies can effectively coordinate their business plans and operations, from R&D to after-sales services, re-imagining the value of the entire industry chain
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