Business challenges
Price versus cost sensitivity
The price of hardware products is low, as is gross profit. Purchase prices are highly susceptible to fluctuations in the prices of bulk raw materials. Labour is intensive and labour costs are high. The industry's goal is to reduce the cost of management operations and implement lean management, making business operations more effective through information-based tools
A small number of diverse challenges
There are a huge variety of hardware products. Most of them are custom-made, with more than 10,000 commonly used materials. This is a typical small-scale and diversified production model, but situations involving urgent orders and group orders frequently arise, and demand even greater flexibility in on-site management
Process and quantity control
Traditional operations use Excel for volume aggregation, which is time consuming and labour-intensive, and there is no correlation between front and rear operations, resulting in an imbalance of production capacity. On-site production is often over-planned or production items are omitted, and the expected progress for production cannot be obtained in real time
Delivery deadline control
Market orders are changing rapidly, with priority given to customer delivery. The formulation and execution of plans in traditional operations management models rely on manual operations, which is not only inefficient but also prone to error, leading to instances of lost orders due to inaccurate delivery dates
Digital transformation solutions for the hardware industry
The production status of a traditional workshop warrants the label of 'black box factory'. Information on the status of work in progress, machine status, finished output, and quality is largely lagging. Kingdee Cloud · Galaxy has direct access to workers and machine equipment through an on-site touchscreen, capturing first-hand data from the factory floor, rendering the 'black box factory' into a 'transparent factory'
Per-piece wages activate employees’ willingness to operate
A piece-based payroll system significantly reduces work on payroll accounting, improves the accuracy of wage data, and automates the calculation of daily per-piece wages. Workshop operators can self-check each person's wage statements through the system. This allows them to keep track of their daily wages and increases worker motivation
'Screen + scales' activate the value of on-site workshop data
The industrial touchscreen communicates and integrates with the workshop's platform, floor and crane scales, automatically reading the scale weight and total weight data when reporting on operations. It also automatically performs counting and conversion, eliminating manual intervention and greatly improving reporting efficiency and data accuracy
Electronic kanban transparency and compliance system
The production department provides timely feedback through intelligent terminals and barcodes. The business department keeps track of the available inventory quantity, order quantity, quantity in production and current process corresponding to the sales order product at all times through reports. Production scheduling and workshop supervisors can always follow information such as real-time progress and delivery countdown warnings for emergency work orders via electronic kanbans
Process data and order barcodes are tracked throughout
The process route, process parameters, product information, processing size benchmark, order information and job tracking are collected in an integrated tracking form and marked with a barcode. Product batch and production tracking are implemented, and shop workers can always retrieve information needed for production based on tracking orders
Break down sectoral barriers and centralise data assets
Order information, planning information, production information, inventory information, etc. shall be exchanged transparently, and departments shall be firmly linked together with orders, thus breaking the original barriers to departmental communication and coordination, and boosting productivity
Lightweight, with HMI + barcode + device networking for simple on-site operation
The cloud + mist + edge deployment model ensures the stability and security of the on-site production process
Focussed on managing business scenarios in workshops in electronics, machinery and other industries
Integrated PLM, ERP, MES development and operation platform, with no need for complex heterogeneous system integration
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