Enter the era of the cloud financial management

Smart finance, accurate accounting, real-time data

Technological advances have brought great changes to finance

Over the next four years, corporate spending on financial public cloud services will increase to about 47% of total spending on financial applications, according to Gartner’s market forecasts

In the new technology era, 80% of repetitive, basic, and regular accounting work will eventually be replaced by artificial intelligence, the accounting will become automated, and 60% to 70% of accounting work will become part of business finance

Business value of the financial cloud

Finance for everyone

Empowers every employee and helps them succeed, puts process, business and financial information at their fingertips, lets data serve everyone, and helps employees become more self-motivated

Smart finance

Transforms robots into helpers rather than rivals of finance personnel, helps develop intelligent financial statements and enables smart financial statement analysis, unleashes the productivity of financial personnel so that they can create more value 

Business finance

Uses new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing and big data to break down the wall between finance and business

Strategic finance

Financial managers will evolve from accountants to future value explorers, and will become “chief officers for future development,” removing themselves from cumbersome work and instead focusing on value creation and future planning 

Kingdee Cloud Financial Management Solutions

for companies of different sizes

A new generation of cloud financial technology for group large companies

Meets the following key needs:

• Real-time: process businesses and analyse data
• Intelligent: intelligent application financial solutions for fields involving intelligent manufacturing, manufacturing synergy management, supply chain management, inventory management, sales management, distributed store management, financial management, and HR management
• Personalised: leverages advanced technologies such as dynamic domain models to meet individualised needs of enterprises
• Social networking: supports self-organisation and social networking-based collaboration, breaks down organisational boundaries

Cloud management platform for growth companies

Meets the following key needs:

• Multi-organisation, multi-accounting system, multiple account books
• A centralised financial management system for multiple organisations
• Intelligent bookkeeping platform
• Comprehensive cost management structure

SaaS applications such as Cloud Accounting and Cloud Jinxiaocun for small and micro enterprises

Meets the following key needs:

• Practical: comprehensive business and financial management system
• Easy-to-use: can be used at any time or place and via multiple terminals
• Efficient: no need for installation or maintenance
• Economical: can be bought when needed, avoids hassle and saves money

Agent bookkeeping service platform for small and micro enterprises

Meets the following key needs:

• Tax declaration
• Smart bookkeeping

Bookkeeping and purchase, sale and inventory software for sole proprietorships

Meets the following key needs:

• Easy to learn and use
• Updated frequently
• Basic services can be used at no charge
• Value-added services can be bought or rented


Why choose Kingdee Cloud Financial Management Solutions

Share of the Chinese cloud financial system market in full year 2017

Kingdee accounts for half of the market in China for SaaS financial management systems, according to data of IDC on the domestic public cloud. Kingdee held a share of 43.56% in the Chinese SaaS financial cloud market in all 2017, with its revenue from cloud business surpassing the combined total of the firms ranking from second to 15th

Covers all business scenarios

Uses innovative technologies to provide to companies of differing sizes with differentiated cloud financial solutions in areas such as financial management, financial report analysis, purchase, sale and inventory management cloud services; evolves to reflect changing demand

Simplicity and convenience for the user

Adopts a user-centric product philosophy, offers easy-to-use, convenient functions to help clients accomplish key tasks in specific scenarios

Quick-responding service system

Adheres to the business philosophy of “helping customers succeed,” provides customised marketing and operational services for companies

25 years of experience in the corporate finance field

The choice of 6.8 million clients. Offers efficient financial management solutions for all at companies, helping every employee succeed with smart, business and strategic finance services




• 72家獨立核算組織、45家法人組織自動化財務核算
• 集團資金池提升資金運營效率,資金占用降低46%
• 阿米巴經營,六大事業部內部業務交易獨立管理及核算




• 90家門店經營數據實時共享,壹部手機管理
• 多組織財務集中管控解決方案,財務工作效率提升50%
• 阿米巴經營模式支持部門級利潤中心精細考核,激活組織




• 訂單統一查詢管理,日處理訂單超過15000
• 財務報表生成速度顯著提升,財會人員工作減少1/2
• 嚴控品質,供應鏈標準化對比分析




• 一體化信息管控平臺,統籌整合全球設計、銷售、采購、生產和財務
• 精細化成本管控體系,研發成本降低43%
• 標準生產管理支撐硬件創業企業高速發展



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