Business Challenges
Ever-changing financial regulation and accounting standards
With the accelerated evolution of financial technology, relevant financial regulatory and financial accounting standards authorities will continue to fine-tune and optimise corresponding standards and regulatory systems in order to maintain the stability of the financial industry and economic balance. To echo the aforementioned trends, financial institutions need to make timely and systematic adjustments to meet the latest institutional requirements.
Multiple organisations, multiple types of capital sources, multiple platforms and multiple business areas
Multiple organisations, multiple types of capital sources, multiple platforms and multiple business areas are commonly seen in financial institutions. It is rather challenging to allocate a conglomerate's resources in an effective and timely fashion.
A three-dimensional managerial challenge in financing, investment and capital simultaneously
In the absence of a comprehensive financing, investment and capital management system, it is difficult to thoroughly evaluate the amount of procurable capital and efficiently utilise capital.
Routine and repetitive document and note processing and accounting
Some routine and repetitive tasks only worsen internal operating costs and bring about a competitive disadvantage.
Unified financial accounting system
Unified financial accounting system
Provides an accounting system with multiple currencies, investment types, conglomerates and financial accounting solutions, to cope with ever-changing accounting standards and financial regulatory systems.
Financing and capital management platform
Provides a corresponding three-dimensional platform for financing, investment and capital pools, to monitor the utilisation of different types of financing and investment funds in order to gain a clear grasp of the degree of risk of your own resource allocation.
Syndicated capital allocation
Combines the functions of bank-enterprise interconnection to render an integrated capital pool management platform within the conglomerate, to facilitate the evaluation of procurable capital within the conglomerate, accelerate capital turnover, and increase economic benefits.
Automated processes
Provide automated document processing and accounting processes to minimise the time spent on human participation and maximise operational efficiency.
Sound financial management platform
Unified financial accounting system, centralised capital management system, flexible reimbursements among organisations, profit centre assessment mode, and sound and timely decision-supporting reports.
Process automation to boost efficiency
Data from multiple platforms is fully integrated and utilised, with streamlined work processes, to considerably enhance internal operational efficiency.
Resource integration within the conglomerate
In accordance with the complex business of financial institutions, provide corresponding management platforms to visualise and process, in a consistent manner, all the operation data of the conglomerate to improve economic efficiency.
Implement data-driven decision management
Integrate company resources and data, develop data-supported business decisions, and complement management with data.