Business Challenges
Mode consolidation
Slow growth, rigid processes, inefficient collaboration, ageing technology, difficulties in innovating
Old-fashioned lack of innovation
Lack of innovation and low acceptance of new technology and ideas
Bulky application architecture
The technical architecture is large and bulky, does not adapt to changes, and upgrades and adjustments are extremely difficult
Chimney-style construction
Chimney-style construction refers to the construction of many departmental applications which cannot interact with each other
Digital government solutions
Integrated application of controls in government units
Covers the budgets, receipts and payments, purchases, assets, projects, and contracts required by internal control management. Built on a unified GDF platform with financial accounting, based on government control and management process requirements. In terms of job setup, business roles and approval processes, the process service cloud and the development service cloud should be used for configuration, and internal control ideas and systems should be consolidated into the system
Centralised accounting of government finances
A multi-organisation application GDF system is consolidated with financial accounting modules based on general accounts, reports, assets and cashiers, etc. All budget units shall comply with a unified financial system, accounting system and control strategy. The financial accounts and report data of each budget unit are compiled in real time into the system
Domestic adaptation, autonomous control
A lot of compatibility and adaptation work has been done with Chinese-made hardware equipment and basic software to help government units improve their capability for independent control
Embedded AI smart applications
Built-in language library, speech synthesis, OCR image recognition, rules engine, training engine, NLP natural semantic engine, machine learning engine, etc. These AI capabilities can be used by platform developers to enhance the intelligent service capabilities of the application system
Cloud-native architecture + dynamic realm models
The system provides low-code, visualisation, configuration and multi-terminal converged development capabilities without the need for compiled deployments. The amendments become effective immediately after they are published. Quickly responds to personalised customer needs and fully integrates with standard systems to ensure that customer needs are met and to address the challenges of system iterations
Full coverage for government financial management
From project bank management in government budget units and budget review, to internal control and management in budget implementation, and financial accounting and budget performance assessment, we achieve full-scope government financial management
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