Business Challenges
Difficulty in controlling product quality systems
Cosmetics companies urgently need information systems to manage information, processes and specifications in the stages of product research and development, material supply, production and manufacturing, and quality testing, providing digital support to rapidly respond to market demand
Impact of foreign brands, offline operation is difficult
Sales channels for offline stores have been gradually squeezed out by e-commerce platforms. New technologies are emerging, and customers are increasingly being funnelled into online services. Consumer behaviour habits have also gradually shifted from offline to online. New marketing models include microcommerce, e-commerce and livestreaming
High product homogeneity and low customer loyalty
A single product portfolio, overlapping market positioning, severe homogeneity, and a single marketing method have become important factors constraining the development of many local cosmetics brands. Consumer loyalty is generally low
Diversified accounting entities and difficulties with profit statistics
Managers who are unable to clearly understand the operation of the enterprise's business departments and product lines need to urgently conduct independent accounting of the company itself, as well as its distributors, to achieve the goal of detailed cost management
Digital transformation solutions in the cosmetics industry
We provide the cosmetics industry with digital ecosystem cloud services that are connected and integrated both online and offline. While providing integrated solutions for product research, production, supply, sales, and finance, allowing for a more granular form of management, we also help to open up marketing channels and provide information support for the 'final stretch' of marketing in the cosmetics industry. Through information-based, digital and intelligent construction, cover every aspect of management in the cosmetics industry, with records of the entire process. The results are predictable and help spur the transformation and upgrade of management
Omni-channel marketing
Enable omni-channel marketing and collaboration to support new retail methods such as online shopping, microshopping, livestreaming and more
Sophisticated management
Has improved the management of cosmetics enterprises, strengthened coordination between organisations, responded quickly to market demand, innovated retail models, expanded the sales path for enterprises, and provided digital support for the rapid development of cosmetics companies
Unified management
Through modules including PLM, ERP, MES, omni-channel and new retail, etc., various business lines in the cosmetics industry are linked, enabling integrated sharing of information resources and unified management across multiple organisations
Innovative business models to enhance brand influence
Provides innovative business models for the cosmetics industry, such as mini programmes, microshopping, livestream marketing, and so on, enabling rapid response to market demand and connecting consumers. This increases consumer participation and brand awareness, providing a new business model for marketing products
Omni-channel collaboration to integrate marketing resources
In the face of consumer habits and the renewal and upgrade of market demand, we have provided the cosmetics industry with an omni-channel marketing cloud and strengthened the 'connectivity' of enterprises to the outside world, to efficiently collect customer data, enhance marketing channel development and management, and enable omni-channel business collaboration
Flexible configuration for increased management effectiveness
Flexible configuration of business processes, staff permissions, and reporting forms have built a unified business and financial integration management platform for enterprises to dynamically display business flow and early warnings. This brings about refined and standardised enterprise management, and comprehensively enhances enterprise management effectiveness.
The integration of research, production, supply and marketing, and the overall upgrade of enterprise management
Provides a PLM+ERP+MES integrated cloud platform from different stages of product research and development, manufacturing, raw material procurement, financial management, marketing, etc. Provides information management tools for granular management within the enterprise
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