Business Challenges
Difficulties in marketing expense control and effectiveness improvement
Lack of timely knowledge of real market sales and global inventory control. Production plans and logistics plans cannot be developed based on real market conditions. Net sales and actual consumption by key customers are not clear and marketing expenses cannot be calculated in a timely and accurate manner
Fragmented customer resources
The evaluation of key customers lacks a quantitative and accurate data foundation and is based primarily on experience in determining the value of clients. Inability to deliver targeted campaigns for key customers. Changes to sales representatives often result in loss of customer resources
Difficult to achieve granular workshop management
Production scheduling, workshop production management, workshop collection and return management. Accurate and timely assessments of production operation teams are difficult to achieve
Difficulties in quality tracing
In the event of a quality problem, it is difficult to both track the cause and recall the product
Materials management is difficult to achieve
Includes: Batch lot and batch number management, concentration efficiency price management, inventory status, and quality status analysis
Difficulties in the coordination of production, supply and sales plans
Raw materials and finished products often go out of stock or are overstocked. It is difficult to balance customer satisfaction with inventory costs
Digital transformation solutions for the biomedical industry
Provide management with accurate, timely and complete accounting information through the features of multiple accounting systems, account books and accounting policies. Strengthen financial control, support the independent accounting and assessment of factory workshops, implement profit and related responsibilities of workshops, support the consolidation of queries by subsidiaries based on multiple books. Support thorough queries on accounts, vouchers and business documents. True integration of business and financial services through the smart accounting centre
Refined production and cost management solutions
Refined production management of process-based production, mass production, process consolidation, automation control, batch production records, formula confidentiality, MTS, etc. is achieved through complete R&D, materials management, production process management and cost management
Quality management solutions
A complete GMP management system that seamlessly integrates ERP operations. Effectively improve operational management efficiency.
Collaborative supply chain management solutions
Flexible supply chain operations across multiple locations and companies help to optimise internal business processes. A flexible platform that makes it easy to integrate your financial business. Reduce the risk associated with the consolidation process
A comprehensive fund and budget management solution
Fully monitor or centrally manage the funds of the whole group for real-time visibility of the amount of funds in the accounts of various companies, and to concentrate the use of corporate funds. Strengthen the planning management of funds and increase the efficiency of their use
Group financial management solutions
Build a flexible and powerful enterprise core ERP platform with multiple organisations, accounting systems and accounting standards to ensure consistency in the entry of financial data across the group. Unified accounting policies standardise the financial accounting system
Easy quality tracing
Full-process management results in regional process flows and compliance for production management and administration. Automated query function for business process correlation provided by the ERP system. Provides business query capabilities to ensure intuitive tracing of business
Process-based production control and cost refinement
Batch production management and batch cost calculation provide a more detailed presentation of the batch record of production management, thus making financial cost calculations more refined. Provides a more detailed source of basis for business analysis
Integration of business and finance to meet industry management requirements
In light of the national policy system and the management requirements of the pharmaceutical industry itself, the use of financial management, supply chain management, and production and manufacturing management realises the integration of procurement, storage, transportation and finance, linking goods and finance in an orderly manner, and presenting a chain-based management model
An open, flexible ADP application development service platform
Abstraction of 32 standard ERP domain models, 849 model elements, 16,819 model element attribute combinations and 268 business service components. Personalised applications (mobile, PC) implemented with 90% configuration + 10% development. Supports seamless interface with small k
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