Business Challenges
Resource consolidation
How to control sales (promotional) expenses and track promotional benefits in the event of increased store rental and labour costs. How to integrate resources with the Urban Business Alliance to continuously increase sales
Organise multi-store management
How to quickly coordinate between the central factory and operating stores and conduct independent accounting. How finance can quickly complete accounting and reconciliation for marketing activities such as advance credit card sales, corporate purchases, e-commerce platforms, bank cooperation and promotional discounts
Co-production of supply and sales
How to predict markets with greater precision and reduce return rates with smarter replenishment models, further improving supply chain efficiency
Link customers
How to interact more closely with members, leverage more deal contacts, and increase single-store TC/AC revenue generation. How to aggregate all sales channel transaction orders for stores, mini programmes, takeaways, e-commerce and group buying, and accumulate members
Digital transformation solutions for the baking industry
A customised information management platform for bakery chain businesses, based on long-term, in-depth research of the bakery chain industry and detailed business process combing. Ensures the accurate delivery of information within the enterprise. Captures industry and seasonal market trends with real-time data, to help enterprises make quick and accurate market strategy decisions. Establishes real-time, conscious connectivity with consumers and distribution channels to create a fast, efficient, real-time, precise and flexible information management service platform for the bakery industry
End-to-end business integration
Enables complete, end-to-end business integration to help enterprises close the loop of data from the business start to the financial end point. Better closed-loop tracking for everyday business
Bakery retailers have natural multi-organisational forms
Helps enterprises to conduct multi-organisational settlement and single-store profit and loss accounting, including turnover, cost and scrap (return rate). Enables independent accounting for expenses, etc. and supports independent accounting based on the company's e-commerce business, large enterprise group purchase business, and store business
Collaborative production and marketing planning capabilities
Real-time data sharing capabilities based on retail middleware to effectively resolve production and sales coordination issues. Enables and ensures data escalation timeliness and production order automated processing capabilities
Replenishment and supply chain optimisation
Based on the Kingdee Cloud DataOne big data model, inventory data is automatically calculated based on store operations inventory, projected sales volume and security volume, and by reference to factors such as weather. Under a distribution system operating model, the store's needs can be collected and handled in a centralised manner, greatly improving the efficiency of restocking
Business Voucher Alliance
Supports various tasks, from back-end definitions and front-end write-off applications to financial reconciliation, forming a complete closed loop. This provides enterprises with standardised process operations for promotions and other third-party co-marketing campaigns that can integrate offline or third-party systems to reduce business marketing risks and enhance consumer shopping experiences and campaign appeal
Comprehensive promotion platform
Helps retail enterprises set up flexible and versatile promotions while customising promotion platform definitions based on promotion plans, for subsequent sales analysis in accordance with the promotion plan. Promotion policy implementation can be centrally managed at headquarters or maintained independently at the store
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