Business Challenges
The JIT supply system needs to be responsive to the needs of OEMs
More OEMs are implementing JIT purchasing and production. This requires that the automotive parts industry make the right products available at the right quantity and price, delivering to the right customer location at the right time and demanding high supply chain agility
Increased demand for customisation
Automotive products are gradually developing toward diversification, limited quantities and customisation. Automotive enterprises urgently need to improve their flexible production capacity, and respond to users’ increasingly shorter lead times and higher quality requirements through efficient collaboration in research, production, supply and marketing
High quality control and traceability requirements
The quality control of the automotive industry is strict and the entry threshold is high. Enterprises need to implement the TS16949 quality standard and establish a comprehensive quality control and traceability system.
New energy brands have risen to prominence and new product development has been rapidly iterative
A global trend in recent years has seen the development of new energy vehicles. New products have evolved rapidly, but many automotive and auto parts enterprises lack their own technological R&D capabilities, and are unable to effectively meet the diverse product needs of customers
Digital transformation solutions for the automotive industry
With regard to business features and development trends in the automotive parts industry, we provide PLM+ERP+MES as an integrated solution that assists in various facets: builds the technical R&D capabilities of enterprises, supply chain integration and rapid response, more sophisticated production, digital and intelligent controls, comprehensive quality control and tracing, and financial and cost control. This helps automotive and auto part enterprises innovate their businesses, optimise business processes and quickly increase market competitiveness, supporting their rapid and profitable growth
Finance and cost management solutions
Build an efficient financial accounting capability that integrates business and finance and fulfils multi-organisational, international and multi-accounting policies. Connectivity with mobile applications, Golden Tax and banks enables efficient financial service delivery
Quality and traceability management solutions
Through granular control of the whole production process - from incoming raw materials to manufacturing and delivery of the finished product - as well as comprehensive tracing of data used in the process, the quality management module provides support for the quality control of parts and components, quality improvements, after-sales repairs and efficient tracing queries for product recall
Production and operations management solutions
Focus on detailed planning and control, transparent production execution and comprehensive quality management, to assist automotive enterprises in controlling the entire process from order receipt, planning and production execution to after-sales and traceability
Supply chain management solutions
Provide visual global inventory management with bar codes as a carrier. Solutions for JIT purchasing (VMI purchasing) from upstream vendors and VMI sales to downstream customers. Both upstream and downstream sectors are opened up through EDI interfacing and the vendor collaboration platform
R&D management solutions
Within the framework of modern schools of thought concerning R&D management, the management and support provided by quality management systems in the automotive parts industry should be wholly integrated to support the full life cycle of automotive parts
With full process tracing, quality continues to improve
Build a complete quality control and tracing system to provide comprehensive data support for accurate after-sales tracing and quality improvement. Meets TS/16949 quality control requirements
Effective coordination between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain
Provide EDI interfacing for OEMs and a supply chain collaboration platform to build an efficient automotive industry upstream and downstream collaboration system, to quickly respond to market changes
Efficient interaction of software and hardware-integrated resources
Through an integrated software and hardware solution, IT and OT technology are deeply integrated, opening up barriers between information systems and the underlying equipment, and improving resource efficiency to ensure the continuous and stable operation of production
Efficient coordination of research, production, supply, marketing and services
Open up enterprise data barriers through a PLM+ERP+MES integrated platform to realise the efficient coordination of sales, R&D, procurement, production and services
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