Business challenges
The new retail experience - a lack of necessary tools and technology
In the new economic era, access to consumers has become increasingly important and direct consumption experiences have increased. Shops urgently need to begin using new technologies and tools to create more personalised and diversified consumption scenarios
Low inventory turnover
Today, traditional dealers, shops and e-commerce firms are struggling more and more, with costs increasing and profits shrinking. Inventory turnover is low, resulting in a backlog of funds for brand owners and dealers
Distance from the market makes it difficult to reach the end customer
The channel structure of the 3C digital industry is complex, with many distributors and stores. It is difficult for brand owners to control the management of terminal channels and personnel, and they cannot reach the end consumer directly
Brand loyalty and repurchase rates are low
As the domestic smart phone market enters the era of inventory, competition among mobile phone brands will become increasingly fierce, which directly affects consumers' loyalty to the brand, resulting in a decline in user stickiness and a low repurchase rate
Digital transformation solutions for the 3C digital industry
Through an agile front-end, shared middle platform and diverse back-end, we have developed an integrated digital platform for research, production and supply. This helps 3C digital enterprises to optimise production methods, improve supply chain efficiency, respond quickly to the needs of upstream and downstream customers, to achieve omni-channel marketing, extensive cultivation of channels and to reach end consumers
PaaS platform support
Enterprises can flexibly define their own business, so that the platform becomes the business. It fully supports the restructuring of internal and external value chains of 3C digital enterprises to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of products, channels and services
Full business coverage
Includes financial management, procurement management, sales management, inventory management, production management, R&D management, channel management, etc.
Intelligent multi-device POS, retail programmes and live commerce
Integrate new tools and models such as intelligent multi-device POS, retail programmes, live commerce and customer flow analysis. The new model will help bring about the transformation of the 3C digital industry, create the ultimate user experience for consumers, improve user stickiness, and improve the conversion rate and repurchase rate
Synchronised order management across the network and unified distribution of total inventory
The only PLM+ERP+MES integrated cloud platform in China to build an integrated platform for research, production, supply, sales and service for enterprises, to achieve unified inventory management throughout the network, unified distribution of global inventory, intelligent replenishment, and to effectively improve the inventory turnover of enterprises and channels
Omni-channel links and multi-level management directly on the terminal
Connects enterprises to distributors at all levels, as well as end-retail channels, and builds the entire supply chain, retail, e-commerce, finance, traditional channels and other marketing methods to provide enterprises with an efficient digital management platform
Connects all network participants and enables private domain operation to help achieve targeted marketing
By building membership management across the network, forming a synchronised member data centre and establishing a 360-degree member view, the company can help manage its private domain traffic to achieve accurate marketing
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